Tonight we will watch as the Power of Veto is played on Big Brother 19 with a special guest there to host! Bobby Moynihan will be the special guest host for this Power of Veto comp. With Jason and Alex on the block and the POV up for grabs, who will win the POV and have the chance to change the noms? Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 33 - Power of Veto!

If you don’t want to wait until later to find out who wins the POV, you can find out right here! Why stop there when you can also find out if the POV was used at the POV Ceremony! Check out those results here! If you want all the details of tonight’s Power of Veto comp, keep refreshing this page to find out what happens tonight on Big Brother 19!

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We started this episode off with the end of the nomination ceremony and Alex is freaking out a little bit because it doesn’t make sense to put them both up as pawns. Jason is also freaking out because he has a feeling that Paul is duping him into thinking he should be calm. Kevin is telling Jason that they must be targeting either Jason or Alex because there is no reason why they would both be put on the block.

Jason is confronting everyone trying to figure out what is going on because he thinks that he is the target. Jason pulls Josh aside and is asking about why he was put on the block with Alex if they are both pawns. Paul comes in and he is telling Jason and Josh that he thinks he is getting backdoored to try and calm Jason down.

Jason then has a conversation with Alex and Christmas and without Christmas saying that he is safe, he is convinced he is because Alex is telling him that she trusts Christmas. Christmas then goes upstairs to talk to Paul and Josh and she tells them that she is amazed that he is convinced that Kevin is the target this week when it’s really Jason. These HGs are really a special kind of stupid.

Alex, Jason and Paul are now having a POV comp and he tells them that if he wins the POV he will pull one of them off. He is telling them that if one of them comes off then Kevin will be the renom. Josh then walks in and asks what’s going on and Alex tells him that if he gets picked for Veto to gun it but let Paul win so he can take one of them down and also be safe.

Jason makes a comment about how Josh won’t be the renom because he is in an alliance with Christmas. He then laughs it off as a joke, but Josh knows that he made that comment because Paul is feeding him information. Josh has the conversation with Christmas and she tells him that they cant have this conversation because someone is going to hear them. Christmas then tells us that in order for her to make it to F2, she needs Josh and Paul to bring her there.

It’s time to pick players for Veto. Christmas is the first to pick a name and she gets Kevin, Alex picks Raven and Jason picks HG choice and picks Paul. They find out that the winner will not only win the POV, but they will win a trip to meet the cast of Me, Myself and I. Just the the doorbell rings and it’s Bobby Moynihan! Everyone is excited to see him and he wants a tour of the house before the POV comp. Bobby Moynihan even thinks these HGs are idiots because Paul is still in the house, he tells us this after Paul gives him a friendship bracelet.

The HGs will each take their place in the middle of a “Punch, Slap, Kick” machine and they will be put threw sequences of being punched, slapped and kicked by this machine and then answer questions about the sequence. For every correct answer, they will get a point and whoever has the most points at the end of the comp will win the POV and the tour of Me, Myself and I.

After the third sequence, Raven has the lead and Alex isn’t happy about this at all. Raven gets the fourth question wrong though so Alex and Paul tie it up with her. Before the final round, Alex and Paul are tied and Paul is hoping that she will still throw the comp to him as they planned. After the final round, there is still a two way tie between Alex and Paul. Alex is confused as to if she is supposed to throw it or not and asks Jason. Jason gives her a thumbs up and she figures that means that she should go for the win. After a number of tie breaker sequences, Paul manages to win it anyways.

After the POV, Josh goes to talk to Paul about not using the Veto because if he uses it then it makes Christmas have to put someone else up. Paul tells us that even though not using the Veto is best for all three of them, he is going to go ahead and use it because he is playing for himself in the end. Josh tries to have a conversation about Paul and what his pecking order and this turns into Christmas getting upset with him about the conversation because he still thinks that he isn’t putting Christmas and Josh into consideration. Josh gets up to walk away.

Christmas gets mad and goes in after him and lays into him about walking away from her when they are talking. Josh then goes up to the HOH to talk to Christmas and Paul. Christmas is talking about how Josh has to get his game back in the game and back with his “team” so that they can go all the way to the end. Here’s the thing, ONLY ONE OF THEM CAN WIN! This is not a team effort, this is an every man (or woman) for themselves competition!

It is time for the Veto Meeting and Paul tells them that he has decided to use the POV on Alex. With that Christmas renom’s Kevin and tells the house that she is doing it because everyone in the house has been on the block in one way or another except for Kevin. Kevin is beating himself up about throwing the track comp to a girl with a broken foot. Jason is talking about how he feels better that Kevin is going home. Even though we all know he isn’t. Josh tells us that he wasn’t okay with Paul using the POV this week because it only benefits him and then says that he might play his own game and change things up a bit next week.

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