Tonight we will watch as the nomination ceremony happens on Big Brother 19 and then the remaining HGs will compete in the final Power of Veto comp of the season. If you don’t want to wait to find out who the nominees are you can find those results right here! I also have the Power of Veto results here if you would like to see who won before it airs.

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 37 - Who Makes Final 3

After we find out which of the HGs won the Power of Veto comp on Big Brother 19, we will watch as one of the final nominees is voted out of the house. Make sure you check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to catch up on anything you may have missed from this week. Who will make the F3 on Big Brother? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details!

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We start tonight’s episode off with a look at the nomination ceremony where Josh and Kevin are both put on the block. He tells them that the pool for nominations was pretty slim and the most important part is the Power of Veto comp and he wishes everyone luck in the comp. Kevin seems to be confident that Paul isn’t gunning for him in this week’s eviction. We know that Kevin is the target.

We are now getting a look at the Jury house and Matt is joining the house. Cody isn’t happy about it at all, he actually walks away from the conversation when Matt tries to talk about Jason blindsiding him. Now it’s time for Jason to move in, but Mark tells them that he didn’t want to see Jason or Alex yet. When Jason walks in he gives Jason a hug and tells him he missed him. They are watching the comp DVD together and joke that Jason pulled a Cody when he left the house.

Raven is the next person to get into the house and Jason is confused by the “that’s for you Jason” remark after Alex won the HOH. Jason finds out from Raven that Alex had no idea about Jason’s blindside. Raven is so oblivious about Paul working with everyone in the house. We then fast forward to Alex joining the house. Alex is telling them about Paul backstabbing her and then Jason and Alex make up. Matt and Raven go at it with everyone and everyone tells Raven how they really feel. She is clearly delusional because she thinks she played an amazing game.

It is time for the POV comp and it is Days and Events in a time machine themed comp. The last person to answer the right day loses power from their time machine and the first HG to miss three questions is eliminated. Christmas has lost the first round and Kevin has lost the second round. Kevin loses the third round and Kevin also loses the fourth round, he has been eliminated. Christmas loses the fifth round and the sixth round, she has been eliminated. It is down to Josh and Paul. Josh loses the seventh round, the eighth round and the ninth round, he is eliminated. Paul wins the POV.

It is time for the live POV ceremony and Paul decides not to use the POV which means that Kevin and Josh will remain on the block and Christmas will vote on who will be going to Jury. She chooses to send Kevin to the Jury house. In the GBM, Paul tells Kevin that if he is watching this then “Christmas went rogue.” He is really good at this whole lying thing….

The final HOH comp will start tomorrow night! Who do you hope wins the final HOH comp?

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