Tonight we watched as Paul secured the Head of Household win this week on Big Brother 19 and we know who he nominated, but who won the Power of Veto? Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out which of the remaining HGs secured the Power of Veto and will help dictate who moves on to the Big Brother 19 F3!

Big Brother 2017 Spoilers The Final Power of Veto Winner Is...

Did Josh or Kevin finally win the POV so they could save themselves from eviction on Big Brother? Did Paul win the POV so he could keep noms the same and get rid of one more HG? Or did Christmas win and secure her spot in the F3? Lets be honest here, not one outside of the nominees should be using the POV, but with this cast, you never know! Keep reading to find out who won the final POV of the season!

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The winner of the final Power of Veto competition of Big Brother 19 is Paul. Which means he can now dictate who will do the voting this week on Big Brother 19. At this point he will most likely keep the noms the same and Christmas will be the vote this week. They will probably send Kevin to the Jury house and Josh will go on to the F3 with Paul and Christmas. This is only if Paul still plans on taking Josh to F3, which would probably be the best case scenario for Paul going into the finale. What do you think will happened?

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