Tonight we will get another useless Friday edition of Big Brother 19 which will most likely consist of a walk down memory lane hosted by the F3. The HGs will spend the entire episode talking about all their accomplishments throughout the season and talk about what things that we have already seen unfold. With that being said, if you have missed any of my Big Brother 2017 spoilers, you will have time to catch up!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 38 - Special Friday Episode!

I decided to use a picture of Josh’s smiling face because we are soon going to be reminded of why we hated him early on in Big Brother 19. At the end of this episode, I am hoping that we will get a look at the first round of the final HOH. If you don’t want to wait for those details, you can find the results right here! In the meantime, keep refreshing this page to find out what memories the HGs are reliving tonight!

Live Feeds

We start tonight’s episode off watching as Josh, Christmas and Paul celebrate making it to F3 on Big Brother 19. We are now getting a look at Josh, Paul and Christmas getting dinner. Everyone is congratulating each other on making F3 and Paul talks about how he wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for whoever took the $25k. We get a look at Kevin admitting to Matt that he won the money. Matt then goes to Raven and Paul and tells them while in the yard. There is then a blow up between Kevin, Matt and Raven. Kevin throws everything he’s got at everyone.

Christmas then mentions how there was a ridiculous number of showmances and we start getting clips of Jess and Cody. We then get a look at Christmas as she is watching Paul from the HOH room and she is admitting that she has feelings for him. Now we move on to Maven and all the ridiculous things they did, like Raven throwing things at Matt and screaming and yelling at him. Oh and there is the cinnamon, milk and cereal fight between them. He calls her a clown and asks her if he got cereal in her wig. They trashed the kitchen on the feeds that day.

They then look back on Kevin and all his crazy mafia stories, him and all his suits and how everyone thought he could have been in the mafia. Paul tells Christmas and Josh that Kevin might have made himself seem like a rat, but he wasn’t the only rat in the house. We the get a look at Josh and Paul trying to catch the rat that had taken up residence in the house. Then the conversation turns to a different type of animal, a snake. We get a look at Dominique talking to Alex about Paul being a snake. We then get a look at Paul going to confront Dom which turns into a house meeting in the middle of the night.

We then get a look at them talking about how everyone ends up like family after living together. This brings us to another clip of Kevin talking about his kids and wife. We then turn to how families could fight and this brings us to the fight between Josh and Mark when Josh grabs his pots and pans and bangs them in Mark’s face. That’s when Mark, in his bright green tutu, gets up and snatches the pans from Josh and Big Brother has to tell them to get to opposite sides of the house.

We then get a look at all the Den of Temptation winners. We then get a look at the DR sessions where the HGs talk about how much they hate each other and then all of them crying in the DR. This then goes into a super scripted intro to the first round of the HOH comp. Which we will maybe see 2 minutes of after this commercial break.

They have to stand on a “cloud” and hold on to their flying unicorn tails. The last HG left standing will win round one of the HOH. It starts off with the unicorns farting glitter onto the HGs and their clouds start moving. As I suspected, we only see the first couple of minutes and the show ends. Make sure you come back on Wednesday September 20th for the 2 hour season finale to find out who wins the final HOH comps.

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