Tonight we will see who won the HOH endurance comp from Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 19. If you don’t want to wait and find out, you can find my HOH spoiler post here. There is so much going on tonight and you are not going to want to miss a second of Big Brother 2017.

Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 6 - New HOH and New Noms

Tonight we will not only see the results of the HOH comp that started Thursday after the live eviction, but we will also find out who the new HOH will choose as nominees for eviction. I’m also excited to see how they announced the Den of Temptation winner this week on Big Brother 19. Keep refreshing to get all the details right here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

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We start tonight’s episode off with the HOH comp which started Thursday night. We then go back and also get a look at the blow out after the votes were read off. Cody and Jessica are both on war paths because Christmas was not voted out. We then go back to the HOH comp where the HGs are scrambling through “candy” looking for tickets so they can get balls.

We continue to watch the HGs try to get tickets and we find out from Elena that they are all collecting tickets and handing them to Paul so that he can perfect his shot. After numerous times up to the ramps, a few close misses, Paul manages to sink in a ball to win HOH this week.

When they get back into the house, Christmas and Paul are talking about how they are targeting Cody first and then next week they plan on going after Jessica. Cody is questioning everyone in the house trying to find out who went against their word. Kevin lied to Cody and told him that he VTE Christmas when he didn’t and now Ramses is being attacked by Cody and Jessica. They think he is lying to them.

Cody and Jessica are attacking Josh verbally because they voted to keep Christmas, instead of voting to keep Jillian. They are acting like complete children treating people like this just because they lost a comp and they know they are targets. Moments later, Paul comes out and asks who wants to see his HOH room and the only one that doesn’t show is Jessica. She is sitting in the DR and everyone is wondering if they should wait for her. They go in and Cody is standing there with a nasty look on his face the whole time.

Cody leaves and all the HGs are like “awkward!” After he leaves, Paul tells the group that he wanted to put Raven and Matt on the block as pawns. Mark makes a good point that they have more votes if it isn’t one of them on the block and tells Paul that he doesn’t feel comfortable going up as a pawn with all the temptations that are out there. Can’t really blame him there.

We then watch as one by one the HGs go into the Den of Temptation to find out who won the weekly temptation. Inside the Den there is a voodoo doll of each HG and it’s kind of creepy. One HG after another are not tempted and then when Christmas walks in, there is the Ring of Replacement. The Ring of Replacement allows her to replace any player in the POV comp at any point this summer. It then shows Christmas choose three HGs to “curse” and she chose Jason, Cody and Jessica.

Paul is going to talk to Mark about what he said about putting two of their own up as pawns. Paul tells him that he makes a good point and decides to figure out a new plan. Paul decides to go with Alex, after Mark suggested it and then asks Josh to be the second pawn. Josh doesn’t want to but when Paul reassures him that his target is Cody and he thinks having Josh up there as a pawn will further stick it to Cody.

We watch as Ramses goes back and forth about whether to use his curse this week or not. He has to do it before Paul announces his noms. He decides to do so and announces that he will be a special third nomination, he will compete in the POV and if he wins and takes himself off, there will not be a replacement nom.

Paul then continues with his nomination ceremony. He puts up Josh and then Alex. He tells Josh that he is a little wild and keeps calling him meatball. He tells Alex that she hasn’t made an attempt to make a valid connection with him. Cody knows it’s a show and that he is going to be BD. Paul is freaking out about the possibility of Ramses winning the POV and taking himself down and ruining his plan.

Voting for next week’s Den of Temptation is now open! Make sure you head over to to vote for who you want to be tempted next week!

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