Last week on Big Brother 2017 we watched as Paul won the Pendant of Protection, giving him protection from eviction for three weeks. This week, the Den of Temptation item is the Ring of Replacement on Big Brother 19. Who will won the Ring of Replacement this week on Big Brother 19?

Who Won the Ring of Replacement on Big Brother 19?

The Ring of Replacement will give the HG who wins it the chance to replace any player in the Veto Comp with themselves. This could be a big win for one of the HGs, but who walked away with the Den of Temptation offer? Also, did they take the offer knowing one of their fellow HGs will suffer a consequence? Find out here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother Live Feeds

The winner of the Ring of Replacement this week on Big Brother 2017 is Christmas! She told Paul about the temptation and when he asks her about the curse she tells him that she doesn’t know what it is. However, she got to pick the three people that it effects which are Cody, Jessica and Ramses. 

I’m guessing that Ramses couldn’t be picked for two curses so Christmas had to pick a new third person, she chose Jason. Their curse is to be dressed as “V-Toads” and they have to hop around the house from lily pad to lily pad. Here is a picture from the live feeds of the three of them in their costumes.

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