Tonight we will see how the HOH comp on Big Brother 19 finished and find out who won HOH this week. For anyone who hasn’t been reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers, you are not going to want to miss this! Let me know what you think of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19 below in the comment section!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 9 - HOH Results!

We will not only find out who won HOH this week on Big Brother 2017, but we will see who they nominate for eviction. With the way the feeds have been going, I have a feeling that the noms ceremony on Big Brother 19 are going to be interesting! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2017!

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We start off tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2017 with the continuation of the HOH comp where we see the HGs playing Space Cadet where the HGs are standing on platforms attached to a moving wall. Last person standing wins the HOH. Josh is the first person down and Mark is the second to fall off the wall. Raven falls after 47 minutes on the wall and Ramses is the next to fall, he blames the goo for messing with his grip.

Kevin is the next one off the wall and then down goes Matt, leaving Jason the last man standing on the wall. Jessica is the next on to fall off the wall after standing there for almost an hour and a half. Dominique falls right after her. Elena, Jason and Alex are the final three on the wall.

Things get to be too much for Jason and he decides to make a deal with Elena. Jason gets Elena to agree to keep him off the block if she wins HOH. He knows Alex won’t put him there, but he doesn’t want Elena to target him if she wins. Elena then makes a deal with Alex to protect her and a couple other of her people and she falls after Alex swears to it.

When they get back to the house, Jessica and Jason are talking in the HNs room and she tells him that she is nervous she is the target now that Cody is gone. She tells Jason that Alex is going to end up being a puppet for the other side of the house and evict Jessica, but it doesn’t make sense to do that. She thinks that Alex isn’t going to get anything accomplished evicting a floater with no allies.

Jason and Kevin are talking when Alex walks into the room and tells them that she wants to put Jessica up, but Jason tells her that isn’t a smart move. Alex tells him that she doesn’t have to be the target, but she has to be on the block and that’s because of the deal she made with Paul. She tells him that in the long run this is the safest plan for them.

Cody planted a bomb with Paul before he left and told him the name of the two HGs that knew all of his moves before he made them. He told him it was Dom and Mark, but this was to get the HGs all crazy after he left. It works because now Paul is planting bombs with Alex telling her that Dom and Mark are definitely up to something. In order to come to an agreement with Elena, she needs to put up Dom instead of Mark. She does tell Paul that if Dom ends up off the block, Mark will be the renom.

We get a look at Kevin being the Dad of the house with Ramses, it’s actually kind of entertaining to watch the two of them interact. Jason and Jessica are called into the Den of Temptation to have their V-Toad curse lifted and they couldn’t be happier about being out of those costumes.

We watch as Christmas returns to the house and tells everyone the update on her foot. She had 10 broken bones, four of them were dislocated and a torn ligament in her foot. There was one bone that was so broken they have to replace it with a donor bone. Jessica asked when long term was and Christmas tells them that she will be in a cast for six week and after that there is a possibility of another three weeks depending on how fast she heals.

Jessica asked her if she will have full mobility and Christmas shakes her head and breaks down. She said that full recovery will be about a year and arthritis can set in soon after that which will mean more surgeries. She tells us that there will be no more competing for her after she leaves the house.

Later, Mark pulls Alex aside to double check if he was going to be safe with the deal that Elena put into place, she tells us that she needs to break up one of these showmances. Before the nominations Dom asks Alex if she can get a few minutes. Dom tells Alex that she has heard that she and Mark are the possible targets this week and adds that there is someone (Elena) in the house that isn’t comfortable with her relationship with Mark. Alex thinks that Dom throwing on of her own under the bus is a big red flag.

We end the episode off with the nomination ceremony for this week. We find out that Alex has nominated Jessica and Dominique this week. She tells Jessica that she just doesn’t have a connection with her and she told Dom that a couple of the things she said in their one on one put up red flags and she didn’t like it at all. Paul is glad that he has a new teammate in the house and hopes that he planted enough bombs in the house to keep everyone going after each other rather than him.

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