Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment we have all been waiting for, the Big Brother 19 premiere is happening right now! I’m excited for Big Brother 2017 and I know you are all excited and I can’t wait to get the conversation going! Don’t miss a second of tonight’s action and make sure you are refreshing this page often for all the up to the minute details of tonight’s Big Brother 19 premiere!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Premiere - Meet the Houseguests!

Tonight’s premiere of Big Brother 19 will begin with the HGs entering the house after being introduced to America. They will enter in groups and once inside they will begin to mingle and get to know each other on Big Brother! Things won’t be civil for long because once inside, they encounter tempting offers of all kinds! Keep following along with my Big Brother 19 Live Recap!

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We start off with Julie Chen telling us that there is a temptation of $25,000 up for grabs and she also confirmed that one HG could go home tonight! Way to start the show! We get a look at the first eight HGs. Dominique, Ramses, Kevin, Alex, Mark, Elena, Jason and Christmas. 

Alex, Mark, Ramses and Elena are the first four to go in, with Alex going through the doors first and if you are at all BB Superstitious, she is cursed! Jason, Christmas, Kevin and Dominique are the second group to enter the house. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

The final eight HGs are now being introduced! Cameron, Cody, Jessica, Jillian, Matthew, Megan, Raven and Josh are waiting to go into the house. Matt, Raven, Jillian and Cameron are the next four to move into the house. Leaving Cody, Jessica, Megan and Josh still standing in front of Julie. After a few moments, they are also told to move into the house! All 16 HGs are in the house!

All the HGs meet in the living room for a little “get to know you” pow wow. They all take turns introducing themselves and the guys are drooling over the girls. Megan tells the group that she is a dog walker, but leaves out that she spent time in war zones. Dominique lies to the group and tells them she is a motivational speaker, when she is an engineer. First temptation is dropping next!

Julie comes on the screen and called all the HGs into the living room. She tells them that there is a big twist this season and fills them in on this being a Summer of Temptation. She tells them that they will be tempted by money, safety and power, tonight! She tells them that the first temptation is right outside.

All of the HGs head outside and when they get outside, they are told they are in the Garden of Temptation. Tells them all to pick a pod and then asks them who needs $25,000 and tells them that the first person to press their button will win it. However, there will be a consequence on the house and someone hits the button. Kevin was the first person to hit the button.

There are two consequences, on is personal and the other is household. The personal consequence is that they are not eligible to win the first HOH. No one in the house knows who took the temptation, but he does. We find out that the household consequence is the return of a fan favorite! There is going to be a 17th HG!!!!

The doorbell rings and who is there? Paul!!!!!!! Paul is the 17th HG! Everyone is reeling about Paul entering the house and they have all realized that this is going to make the game harder for them to win. Moments later, Julie comes back on the screen in the living room.

Julie confirms that Paul is back in the game and competing for the $500k. All he knew was that if someone took the first temptation he was moving into the house. That’s not all, he is moving in to take someone’s place! Someone will be sent home tonight!

That leads to the next temptation and she tells the HGs that it’s for Safety. In order to win Safety, they have to tempt Paul. Julie tells Paul to go into the other room and get a box, but not to open it until she says. When she tells him to open it, he sees friendship bracelets. There is one for him and eight others who will be safe from eviction if they can get Paul to give them one!

Raven is trying way too hard to get Paul’s attention and Elena brings him cheese, brie to be exact because it’s his favorite. They are all taking turns kissing Paul’s rear and some of the girls are really awkward with him. Some of the guys too. I feel like no one really knows what to say to him to try and convince him to keep them around. After Christmas leaves the room, he shakes his head at the camera.

We are about to find out who Paul is going to save! The first one goes to Kevin, second one goes to Raven and the third goes to Dominique. The fourth one goes to Mark, the fifth one goes to Jason and the sixth one goes to Jessica. The seventh one goes to Ramses and the final one goes to Elena! The cheese saved her!

The final eight HGs are competing for their safety coming up next! Those HGs are Cody, Matt, Megan, Alex, Josh, Jillian, Alex and Christmas. The comp is called Tempted by the Fruit and they will have to stand on a trapeze and it will start going up. When they fall, they will have to pick an apple from people holding them (nicknamed snakes). Four apples will keep them safe and three will put you on the chopping block.

The longer they hold on, the better off they are because Julie will be giving them clues as to which apple will keep them safe. The first clue is that you are more likely to get a safe apple from a red snake. Jillian is the first to fall and she picks an apple from a red snake. Megan is the second to fall and she picks an apple.

The second clue is that one of the yellow apples is safe. Josh purposely lets go after that clue because he has a 50/50 shot to get a safe apple. Cameron falls fourth and picks his apple. The third clue and she says that at least one of the yellow snakes is holding a safe apple. Christmas is down and picks her apple.

That leaves Alex, Matt and Cody are left on their trapeze after 42 minutes. Julie tells them that things are about to get interesting, like they weren’t already! Matt is down and pick an apple, Cody is trying to get Alex to fall. Promising her safety in the future, but she isn’t taking it. Alex eventually falls and Cody wins!

They start opening apples. Alex is safe. Matt is safe. Christmas gets a “poisoned” apple. Cameron gets a “poisoned apple”. Megan is safe. That means Jillian gets a “poisoned” apple. Either Cameron, Christmas or Jillian could be evicted tonight, but there is still one more temptation!

The final temptation is being revealed now! The final temptation is “Power” and Jillian, Cameron and Christmas are the only ones who are able to be tempted by this. They can either pick to have a vote from the other HGs or compete against each other and the one who loses will be evicted.

They are all called into the Diary Room one by one. Jillian chooses to have a vote, Cameron wants a comp and Christmas wants to compete but chooses to have a vote instead. A vote it is! They have some time to rally votes before the HGs vote one of them out.

The votes are in Christmas only had two votes, she is safe. Jillian had three votes and is safe. That means with eight votes, Cameron has been evicted! Come back tomorrow night to find out who will be tempted by the Pendant of Protection which will protect the HG from three evictions!

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