Well it is that time of week where I give you the top three favorite HGs in the Big Brother 19 house. This week we had another shake up in the rankings with a new HG in the top spot! Keep reading to find out if your favorite Big Brother 2017 houseguest made the top three right here with my Big Brother 19 poll results!

Big Brother 19 Poll Results: Top 3 Favorite Big Brother HGs - Week 10

This week we watched as Christmas won the HOH and then put Jason and Alex on the block. After the Veto Ceremony, the nominations changed. If you missed what happened in the Veto Ceremony, you can get the details in my Big Brother 2017 spoilers! Keep reading to find out where your favorite HG landed in our poll results!

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I want to start this off my saying that the “none of the above” option that I added in the poll starting last week took second in the votes with 21% of you voting for none of the HGs. With that being said, here are the top three HGs and then a screenshot of the rest of the results!

1.) Kevin

Kevin has taken the top spot in the poll results with 29% of the votes going to him. He has been a favorite of mine from the beginning and continued to be my favorite despite not doing anything competition wise. I think that out of all the HGs he has been the most respectable in the house. He has stayed out of the drama as much as possible, minus the couple run ins that he had with Josh. He has definitely stayed out of the group attacks on the other HGs. I just hope that in the last couple weeks of the show he starts to win some comps.

2.) Paul

Paul hasn’t left the list since joining the house the first night, but there are a lot of mixed feelings about him being in the house. You are either a huge fan of his or completely disappointed in the fact that he was brought back. Either way, Paul continues to manipulate the house in ways that only Paul knows how. Mostly because he has played this game already. This week he took just under 21% of the votes.

3.) Jason

Jason has been a fan favorite over the last few weeks and last week actually took the top spot in the poll, this week he took 18% of the votes falling short of that top spot. With Jason’s eviction from the Big Brother 19 house coming this week, I’m curious to see who takes his spot in the top three. Who do you think it will be?

Here are the rest of the results of the poll so you can see where the other Big Brother 19 HGs landed.

Week 10 Favorite HG Poll Results

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