Now that we have reached the Top 8 on Big Brother 19, I will cut this down to the top 3 favorite HGs every week. Paul has been pretty dominant in the poll results, but has been taking a bit of a hit lately. Find out where he and the rest of the HGs fell on the poll right here with my Big Brother 2017 poll results!

Big Brother 19 Poll Results Top 3 Favorite Big Brother HGs - Week 9I will say that with everything going on in the feeds, I wasn’t surprised with the way that everyone voted. Over the last couple days, your opinions probably changed a little. If you have missed any of the Big Brother 2017 spoilers, then you might not have changed your mind. Either way, the actions of the HGs this week has definitely played a part in the voting. Keep reading to find out where everyone fell!

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You may have also noticed that I added a new option on the poll. I have added a “None of the Above” option on the poll and this was for a couple of reasons. One, you guys have all made it pretty clear with your comments that you are completely sick of this season and have stopped watching. Two, if you haven’t stopped watching then you just can’t pick a lesser of the evils at this point because they have all gotten to be pretty obnoxious this season.

1.) Jason

I have to say, Jason was my least favorite in the beginning, but he started to grow on me and now, I’m double thinking that. Yes, he stuck up for his game this week and decided that he wasn’t going to use the veto and renom Kevin, who is a friend of his. However, he continues to bash Kevin while talking with the other HGs and I can’t figure out if he really can’t stand Kevin or if he is putting on a show for the rest of them. Either way, if he is trying to put on a show to save his friendship with Alex, I’d have to say, he should rethink that fast.

2.) Kevin

Kevin was my favorite in the beginning and is still my favorite. I unfortunately don’t think he is going to be making it much further in the game. He has had a target on his back for a couple weeks now and unless he wins HOH this week, he will probably be evicted next week. If he is evicted, most people aren’t going to really know who to root for.

3.) Paul

How the mighty have fallen. Paul is slowly falling in the rankings and I’ve noticed that almost as many people that voted for him this week decided to vote None of the Above. You’ll see that when I post the chart below, why do you think that Paul’s votes have fallen so much over the weeks? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

Did your favorite HG not make the top three? Find out where they landed below!

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