I have been running a weekly poll to see if your favorite Big Brother 19 HG will change from week to week. After all, when picking a favorite HG there is a lot to consider. Find out where your favorite Big Brother 2017 HG landed on the list last week right here! Keep reading to find out where your favorite HG fell on our list!

Big Brother 19 Poll Results Top 5 Favorite Big Brother HGs - Week 3

This week on Big Brother 19 we had a lot of things transpire within the house on the live feeds. We have had people try to out others as snakes, we have had other throw pickle juice and hot sauce in another’s face. It’s been a pretty crazy week. All things considered, I ran a poll yesterday to find out who your favorite HG this week is and I have the results right here!

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The list has changed a bit this week compared to last week. Here are the results!

1.) Paul

No one is really surprised by this at all. He continues to be America’s favorite every week. He does play the game efficiently, but I’m surprised that most people aren’t upset that they put a vet in the house. It does give him an unfair advantage being in a house full of people that haven’t played the game before.

2.) Kevin

Kevin has jumped on this list this week. He has been playing a pretty impressive game thus far. I will say though, in order for him to actually win this game, he might want to cut ties with Paul and start protecting himself instead of doing Paul’s dirty work. The chances of Paul stabbing him in the back are pretty high.

3.) Alex

Apparently everyone is liking the moves Alex is making, she has been pretty steady on this list. I think that she could have gone for a bigger target than Dominique this week, but so far I can’t complain. I think that she has a pretty good chance to make it pretty far in this game.

4.) Christmas

Christmas fell two spots on the list this week, I wonder if it has to do with her hinky vote to evict Ramses last week. Either way, Christmas is quickly falling off the rankings with the fans.

5.) Jessica

I was a little surprised that Jessica was in the top 5 for votes this week. However, I will say that without Cody there, she is more likable in the house. She is trying to keep a low profile, but still working on mending some relationships within the house.

Did you favorite HG not make the top 5? Here is the rest of the list in order of the votes they received:

  • Jason
  • Raven
  • Mark
  • Elena
  • Dominique
  • Matt
  • Ramses
  • Josh

Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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