Yesterday I asked you all to vote for your favorite HG in my Big Brother 19 poll and I have the results right here! Paul is always at the top of this list, but this week, he didn’t start off so strong with the votes. Did he manage to get himself back on top? Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 poll results to find out!

Big Brother 19 Poll Results Top 5 Favorite Big Brother HGs - Week 6

Something tells me that Jessica’s argument with Josh may have influenced the voting yesterday, just a little bit. For a while, Jessica was on top of the list. Do you think that Jessica’s argument with Josh hurt or helped her numbers? The results were so close this week that I will include a screenshot of this week’s results at the end of this post. Keep reading to find out where your favorite HG landed!

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Drum roll please! Here are the top 5 favorite Big Brother 19 HGs for week 6! I have included a screenshot of the results below because these results were so close I didn’t think anyone would believe me with a simple post. Here we go!

1.) Paul

Paul managed to make his way back to the top of the list but only won by .88%. This was the closest that Paul has ever come to being beat in our weekly poll. Who almost beat Paul this week? 

2.) Jessica

Jessica came in second, but for most of the day yesterday she was actually in the lead. Her votes slowed down late last night, was it because of her fight with Josh? Some would probably say it was, but her votes slowed down around 8pm BBT which was nearly 7 hours after her altercation with Josh.

3.) Kevin

Kevin was not far behind Jessica this week and between these three HGs it really could have been any of them topping this list this week. Kevin has played a pretty good game thus far. Staying close to Paul, but not to close and still playing the other side of the house, making deals with Cody and such. Will he continue to have a good run or will someone catch on?

4.) Cody

Cody was behind Kevin by almost 9% of the votes. He has been trying to lay low with Jessica, not that it’s helping her game at all. With his girlfriend being just days away from eviction, he has tried to make some deals. However, did his deal with Kevin and Jason go up in smoke when him and Jessica started picking on Josh? Kevin claims it did, but we will have to wait and see what happens.

5.) Alex

Alex was behind Cody by just over 7% of the votes. I haven’t seen too much game wise that could be causing her to fall so far behind this week. I’m sure with Jessica being evicted this week her numbers will climb up a bit next week.

As I said before, this was almost too close to be believable, with that said, I am including a screenshot of the results so you can check them out for yourself. What do you think about this week’s results? Let me know in the comments below or on Social Media!

Poll Results Week 6

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