It is that time of the week again where I ask you who your favorite Big Brother 19 HG is! This season has been pretty predictable, but the each HG has their own sets of pros and cons. I’m curious as to who is your favorite HG this week in the Big Brother 2017 house. Last week we had someone other than Paul take the number one spot, but this week he isn’t in the house. So, who will it be?

Big Brother 19 Poll Who is Your Favorite HG - Week 8 (POLL)

This week the HGs have a plan in place on who they want to see walk out the door on Thursday. If you want to know who won Veto or what happened at the Veto Ceremony yesterday, make sure you check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for those details! Based on the things that have been said and done in the Big Brother 19 house, who would you say is your favorite HG this week? Let me know by voting in the poll below!

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Last week Cody took the number one spot in the poll results, but with him not in the house this week, who will claim that spot? Will it go back to Paul? Or perhaps Mark will get the sympathy vote this week because the house is coming together to get him out. Or will it be Kevin who continues to sit in the background, but has gotten a little paranoid at this stage in the game. I mean, he has a right to be paranoid because he has a pretty big target on his back.

Christmas is getting her cast taken off as we speak and will be in a walking boot for a couple weeks while her foot continues to heal. Do you think that she will be a bigger threat as her foot gets better? Raven seems to be floating in the house because no one wants to target her, do you think that it has to do with her illnesses or is everyone just no worried about her?

I think this week my favorite would have to be Mark. He is getting a raw deal because he was friends with Cody and Jessica early in the game and continued to associate with them. He is literally a target because he was nice to someone else in the house, what does that say about this season of Big Brother 19. I firmly believe that he is the only one in the Big Brother house that views Paul as the real threat in this game, because he is.

I really found myself wishing that he was going to win the POV and at least be in the house one more week to shake things up, but that doesn’t seem to be working out with him considering everyone is pretty set on voting him out. Although, it is only Tuesday and we have two days until eviction day, anything can happen. I just don’t have much faith in them voting Matt out over Mark. Who is your favorite HG this week on Big Brother 19? Let me know by voting in my poll and feel free to tell me why you voted the way you did in the comments below!

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