I was curious where the Big Brother 19 HGs would fall with you, the readers, in popularity. I ran a poll yesterday to find out who your favorite HG was so far this season of Big Brother 2017 and I have the results below! I was actually surprised where some of the HGs fell in the results, let me know what you think below!

Big Brother 19 Rankings: Favorite Big Brother HG Poll Results!

The HGs this season of Big Brother have really been hard to keep up with. The alliances are always shifting, some of the floaters are always switching whose side they are on and some of them just don’t lead you to believe anything. One of them doesn’t seem to want to share his game play with anyone, which is a good idea and why he is one of the favorites this season. Keep reading to find out where your favorite HG falls on the list!

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I was surprised by some of the results of this poll because I wasn’t expecting some of them to be so unpopular with the fans of the show. I will say that I wasn’t surprised with who ended up top in the results of my Big Brother 19 popularity poll. Are you ready to find out where the HGs fell in the results? Here we go!

15.) Jessica

I was expecting her to be pretty low on the list only because she hasn’t really done anything in the game thus far. She seems to be so into her showmance that she isn’t really “playing” the game for herself. She is so worried about keeping her and Cody in the game that she is going to find herself a target sooner or later.

14.) Josh

Josh proved to us early in the show that he was a loose cannon, this caused not only for the fans to not like him, but also worry about how he was going to react in certain situations. He has a short fuse and should be watched very carefully and I feel like the HGs should tread lightly around him.

13.) Jillian

I guess she is lucky that America won’t be voting to save her in this eviction because she isn’t making much of an impression on the fans of the show. She has been acting worried in front of all the HGs but she really thinks that she has enough votes to stay in the game. What do you think?

12.) Raven

She seems to be flying under the radar now, but her early alliance with Cody and Jessica and her showmance with Matt seem to have made a negative impression on her. I personally don’t have a problem with her, I just feel like she needs to play the game more and worry about her showmance less. Same with all the other “couples.”

11.) Ramses

Ramses seems to be flying very low on the radar, I think if he went on to win HOH or a POV comp in the near future, it would help him a lot. Although with him being effected by the “curse” it could also hurt him to win HOH because then he can’t put himself on the block. I guess we will have to wait and see how he plans this out.

10.) Elena

There are many ways that she has really irked the fans of this show and I’m actually surprised at how close to the middle of these results she is. I personally don’t care for her and I feel like she might actually be using Mark a little bit. I don’t think her showmance with Mark is going to last because she doesn’t seem that interested in him at all.

9.) Jason

Jason seems to be a little more tolerable than I originally thought he would be, but him playing both sides of the house will eventually come back to bite him. He needs to really watch what he does and who he talks to about what his intentions are because he is far too trusting in a game that revolves around manipulation.

8.) Dominique

I don’t really have a bad thing to say about Dominique. She seems to be really playing a smart game other than her playing both sides of the house. I’m curious to find out where she winds up in this game and in my opinion, she is smart enough to make it really far if she keeps the target off her back.

7.) Matt

Matt’s showmance with Raven is a little annoying, then again, I’m just annoyed by showmances in general. I feel like they happened way too soon in the season, as do most of the readers I’ve talked to. Matt seems to be running on Christmas’ side of the house, but still manages to get the information he needs from Cody’s side. We will see what happens here.

6.) Cody

I’m really surprised that he is so high on this list. I was really expecting more people to find his game play way too aggressive for being this soon in the game. He has burned a lot of bridges within his original alliance, which has put a huge target on his back in the future. I’m curious to see how this changes over the weeks.

5.) Mark

Another one I’m really confused about. I’m thinking that he is so high on this list because he is fun to look at because in my opinion, he hasn’t really done much game wise. His showmance with Elena is really starting to look like she is manipulating him into voting on her side and he doesn’t seem to realize that. I guess we will see how this plays out.

4.) Alex

Not surprised by this at all, she is a strong player and has proved time and time again that she is a threat. Cody respects her game play and that’s why he threw the POV to her. He wanted her to stay in the game so that he can some how manage to build an alliance with her. She is keeping him at arms length, for now.

3.) Christmas

I am a big fan of hers and I’m pretty upset that she ended up hurt because it’s really going to hurt her chances of staying in the game. The only way she is going to win comps is if they are mental comps because physically, she isn’t healthy enough to compete. Again, we will have to see how this goes over the weeks to come.

2.) Kevin

Kevin is really smart and because he is the oldest in the house I feel like people are underestimating him. Not to mention, he has never seen an episode of Big Brother and has no idea how the game works. Which is funny to me, because he is really playing a good game. Keeping his intentions to himself is the smartest thing he could do.

1.) Paul

Does it really surprise anyone that Paul ended up top on this list? He really does play a good game, but that’s because he has already played it. He has really irked a lot of fans of this show just because of his presence and the fact that he has an unfair advantage. Again, I have a feeling that he is going to make some enemies in this game and as soon as his protection is up, he will be a target.

Let me know what you think of this week’s list! Stay tuned for my Big Brother eviction prediction coming up a little later!

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