Being the first full day of Big Brother 20 live feeds, there was a lot of information spilled throughout the day. We found out who had the BB App Store power and watched as the feeds went down so the POV Players could be picked and the POV comp could be played. Get all the details of yesterday’s Big Brother 2018 feeds right here!

Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Recap Week 1 - Friday

We also found out which of the HGs have the BB App store power and what it allows them to do! It was a pretty exciting day on the Big Brother 20 live feeds for spoilers yesterday. You can get all the Big Brother spoilers below!

The first bit of information we got was that somehow Swaggy C has found out that the twist has to do with viewers answering questions and that it is going to change the outcome of the polling. He is explaining to Tyler that trending on Twitter is easy, but trending because people think of you when answering questions is a little more difficult.

Sam joined the house as her human self for the day yesterday which I’m sure was relieving for her. This was the first time that she has been seen on the feeds. It looks like they are doing 12 hours as a robot, 12 hours as a human so today we might see her as a robot.

Feeds went down for the POV Players to be picked and when they get back we find out that Faysal, Scottie, and Swaggy C were picked to play in the POV comp with Tyler, Sam, and Steve. At this point in the day, they all think that Angela has the power. Bayleigh, Angela, and JC were all having a conversation about how Tyler wants the noms to stay the same and how everyone has shifted from wanting Steve out to wanting Sam out this week.

There was a lot of talk about what would happen if Scottie won the POV because Scottie had voiced that he would take Steve down which would force Tyler to make a renom choice. Faysal and Swaggy were saying that if they won the POV they weren’t using it because they knew that Angela and Bayleigh were the possibilities of the renom.

Feeds didn’t go down for the POV until about 5:45 pm BBT and right before they went down, Sam was having a one on one conversation with Tyler. She tells him that she has the power, but doesn’t give him any details as to what it entails. We found out that her power allows her to save herself one time within the next four weeks. Considering the size of his alliance, this could be a bad move for Sam’s game if he decides to go and tell anyone she has it.

When the feeds return, we find out that Faysal won the POV, but Sam was really close to winning it. She was apparently distracted by a production assistant during the comp. Angela was consoling Sam because she was really upset that she lost her chance of keeping herself safe this week (and being able to hold onto her power). Tyler then comes in and is talking to Sam and Sam is upset still, she is playing the “now I’m going home this week” card really well. Tyler tells her that she isn’t going home this week.

Rachel is talking to Kaycee and Angela and tells them that they should convince one person from the other side to throw Sam a sympathy vote and then their side of the house could all vote to keep her. That way Steve would be evicted instead. Meanwhile, JC has been telling everyone that Faysal doesn’t plan on using the POV to save anyone and Faysal is a little upset about it. He tells JC that he didn’t want anyone to know his plans yet.

Faysal talks to Steve to make sure that he isn’t upset about him not using the POV and then makes sure to assure him that if they stick together he will be set for making it to jury. They do know that the game just started, right? They should be focused on winning the game, not just making it to jury…ugh.

Tyler has been playing both sides of the house. Last night he went to Kaycee and tells her that he doesn’t like Swaggy’s cockiness and self-declared leadership role on the other side of the house. He then starts discussing wanting to BD him when they have the chance. Winston, Brett and Rachel join the conversation and they end up including Kaitlyn in this conversation. They are talking about being an alliance together, but after Tyler goes back to the HOH room he cam talks and tells us how hard it is to play both sides of the house. His master plan is to get both sides of the house to hate each other and target one another.

We end the night with Tyler and Sam talking game alone in the kitchen. She is talking about how surprised she is that everyone is so drawn to Swaggy. She tells him that she doesn’t want to get sucked in because of how driven and focused he is on winning the game. They are talking about who they think are the best HGs in the house to try and align with. Meanwhile, JC and Haleigh are upstairs watching him talk to Sam on the television. When Tyler comes back upstairs, he plays off their conversation together as nothing special.

Also, Faysal is telling Swaggy that if he wins the next HOH he is going to nominate Kaycee and Rachel and that he suspects Angela has the power this week.

A lot of interesting game moves going on in the house. Tyler managed not to tell anyone that Sam has the power this week. I’m not exactly sure where his head is at because he can’t really speak freely to the cameras because he is always surrounded by people. The house is really divided right now and it’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next few days before the POV Meeting and then the live eviction which will take place on Thursday.

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