Yesterday on the Big Brother 20 live feeds we watched as the HGs continued to debate on who should be evicted this week. We were also surprised with the POV Ceremony on yesterday’s feeds. If you missed the outcome of the POV Ceremony, you can find out what happened right here!

While the debate on who is going to be evicted this week on Big Brother continues, we learned a little more about what Sam’s power entails on last night’s episode of Big Brother 2018. Keep reading to find out what happened on yesterday’s Big Brother live feeds! Also, make sure you get all caught up with our Big Brother spoilers!

Yesterday’s live feeds started off with Steve and Sam-Bot having a conversation out in the backyard. Steve tells her that he thinks that Faysal should use it on him because he picked him to compete with his HG choice. He continues to talk to her about votes and how they need to talk to Tyler and get him to renom someone. He tells her that they have all been talking about getting her to stay and work with them so it wouldn’t make any sense for them to keep them both up there because one of them will end up going home.

Bayleigh and Kaitlyn were having a conversation about how Haleigh can pick up and switch sides at any time.

Drama over a boy

Haleigh and Rockstar are talking. Apparently, Kaitlyn has a bit of a crush on Faysal and Haleigh has been flirting with Faysal, a lot. Kaitlyn also has a boyfriend back home. Rockstar and Haleigh were talking about how Kaitlyn has no right to be mad at her over this. Faysal mentions later to Bayleigh that he noticed Kaitlyn is acting differently towards him. Really? Are we in…..wait, nevermind.

During the course of the morning, Faysal lost the POV medallion and he is looking all over the house for it.

Steve is talking to Winston, he asks him if he has his vote, Winston tells him he does, but we all know he doesn’t.

Sam & Tyler Talk

Moments later, Sam returns to the house as herself. Rachel tells her that she should start working on her social game with Haleigh and Kaitlyn. After the feeds come back from the POV Ceremony we find out that the noms have stayed the same this week. A little later, Sam and Tyler are chatting. She tells him a little more about her power and tells Tyler that she would like to hold on to her power as long as she can and would like to keep letting everyone think that JC has it.

Just to recap her power, it is something that gives her the CHANCE to bring someone back into the game after being evicted. Sounds like there will maybe be some kind of comp or something involved in this when the time comes. It is good through the next four evictions, however, if it isn’t used by the third eviction, the power will automatically be granted to the fourth evictee and give them the chance to come back into the game.

Tyler tells Sam that Angie might be voting against her and so will Haleigh, but Sam can work on Haleigh. Sam tells Tyler that Kaitlyn talks to her like she was a pet or something. She isn’t happy about that at all.

Other Chats

Swaggy tells Angie that Tyler made the wrong move this week with his nominations. JC and Angela are talking about Tyler and JC tells her that he thinks Tyler is a weak player and when Winston joins the conversation it turns to how many votes they have to keep Sam. They think they have a solid six, but obviously need one more.

A little later, Rockstar mentions to Tyler that she feels bad for Sam and Tyler is playing into it. Tyler, Rockstar, and Haleigh are talking about how if Steve stays then Scottie and Steve will work with them, but if they keep Sam, it’s only one person. Tyler tells her that Scottie is already on their side, but Rockstar is worried that if Steve is voted out, Scottie won’t want to work with them. Tyler tells her that Scottie will be alone then and that might play a part in all this.


Bayleigh and Swaggy are apparently an official couple. Faysal is really into Haleigh, but Haleigh is trying to deflect him and some of his comments. She is telling him that in a few months they will be out of the house. Mentions that they can revisit this later. Swaggy and Faysal are both really into these girls, they need to get their head back in the game.

The rest of the night literally revolved around the guys and girls talking about their “showmance” situations or the lack thereof. Haleigh is really working on her alliance, which is better for her game at this point and she seems to be thinking that when there is less HGs to compete against, the showmance thing might work out better.

It looks like the battle for votes is still being fought. Tyler is working on Rockstar and Haleigh, if he can get those votes then it looks like Sam will be able to hold onto her power. If not and she is evicted, she does have her Bonus Life power to try and get her back in.

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