It was Power of Veto Day in the Big Brother 20 house and even thought they got a late start to picking the POV Players and a late comp start, we still found out who the POV Winner for this week is! Get all the details of yesterday’s Big Brother spoilers right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

We started the day with a 9:30 am BBT wake up call and some of the HGs are up talking while some are still laying around in bed waiting for the POV Players to be picked. When the feeds did finally go down, we found out that all the HGs were competing except for JC who was set to host this week. Angela then walked into the bathroom and says “Level 6!” and Brett tells her that JC was in there using the toilet. After this, L6 is talking about how JC could have heard her say that, but talks quickly turn to the POV Comp. They are all talking about how they want to pick each other if it’s a luxury comp, but know that they probably shouldn’t.

JC was starting to get a little nervous throughout the day because he knew that he would be the renom if one of the noms won the POV. He tries to talk Tyler into convincing Kaycee that Brett would be a better option. JC then tells Tyler that if this is a DE, Angela should go up and Tyler tells him that if he wants it done then he better with the HOH and do it. JC is pushing hard for Angela to go next after Haleigh.

There really wasn’t much else by way of interesting conversations before the POV happened. There was a lot of lounging, playing games, telling stories and getting ready for the comp. The feeds went down for just over 4 hours and when they came back we saw that Kaycee had won the POV. They are all talking about the comp and based on their outfits, it looks and sounds like this week’s POV Comp was BB Comics!

Sam goes up to talk to Kaycee and she is worried that she might not be athletic enough to compete with the rest of the HGs. Kaycee reminds Sam that she is safe this week and shares a beer with her. At around 1:10 am BBT, JC is finally enjoying real food now that HNs is over for the week. While this is going on, Kaycee is telling JC all about the comp.

Angela and Kaycee are hanging out and talking about how they can get JC up on the block if this is a DE and Sam wins the HOH. Angela mentions how JC almost annoys her more than Haleigh does and Kaycee doesn’t see Sam winning this week if it’s a DE because of how fast paced it’s going to be. Brett joins the conversation and talks about how he trashed all the evicted HGs during the comp, including the Jurors. Kaycee talks about how Sam told her she didn’t think she was athletic enough to compete with the rest of them, but Brett thinks that she is throwing all the comps. Brett also mentions that Winston leaving was probably the best thing for his game.

Before bed, Tyler and Kaycee have a chat about how JC is pushing for Angela to go if this is a DE week. Kaycee doesn’t think that Brett will turn against them and vote her out. Tyler also talks about if JC wins the HOH (hahahaha, picture that!) and nominates Kaycee and Angela, then they win the POV and take Angela down and get Sam renom’d then Sam would go to Jury instead of one of the L6 members.

With Haleigh’s loss in this week’s POV Comp, she has pretty much sealed her fate. With this week being a DE it is going to be interesting to see how L6 survives it with only JC and Sam being left for them to target. Who do you hope wins the HOH during this week’s DE? Who do you hope goes home? Let me know! Make sure you come back later tonight for my Big Brother live recap starting at 8/7c right here!

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