Yesterday we had the BB App Store reveal and the nominations happen in the Big Brother 20 house. Kaitlyn had a plan in place for her nominations and told them both throughout the day that they were pawns this week. So who is her real target? Find out by catching up with our Big Brother spoilers!

Some of the HGs are worried about how impulsive Kaitlyn can be, however, based on talks in the house, there is only one person that should be nervous this week. Keep reading to find out what went on in the Big Brother 20 house on the live feeds yesterday right here!

Yesterday’s Big Brother live feeds started pretty early because the HGs had a big day ahead of them. The day started off with some talks about who Kaitlyn should put up on the block. JC told Tyler that he thought Bayleigh should be on the block against Scottie since Scottie will fight hard for the POV and then they can BD Swaggy.

Rockstar was really upset yesterday morning, the guilt of leaving her husband and children behind to be on BB20 is starting to catch up to her.

Kaitlyn’s Chats with the HGs

Kaitlyn had a series of talks with the other HGs throughout the day yesterday. Her first chat was with Brett. She tries to get Brett to tell her more about Sam’s power, but Brett tells her it isn’t his power so he can’t do that. He tells her that Sam will explain it herself.

Tyler then tells Kaitlyn that it wasn’t Brett that had it, it was Sam. He does let her in on the fact that it can be used on herself or anyone she chooses to use it on. The talk turned into who she should nominate and as she is going down the list of HGs, Tyler keeps saying “no.” Kaitlyn then tells Tyler that he plan is to put Winston and Scottie up with Swaggy as a BD option.

Scottie then goes in to talk to Kaitlyn and she tells him that Winston is her target and she wants him out but she can’t put him up against Brett. She tells him that her and Brett have become pretty close and she told him days ago that she wouldn’t do it to him, not knowing she would be in this situation. She then starts talking about pawns so she can start mentioning her wanting to put Scottie up against Winston. She tells him that Winston would go home if he was up against Scottie. She also tells Scottie that there is no way that Scottie would go home this week. She tells him she wants to talk to everyone before she decides.

Sam then comes in and she tells Kaitlyn that intellectually they line up, but she doesn’t really know her well enough. She tells Kaitlyn that she has a lot to offer as a teammate because she hears and sees everything. She tells Kaitlyn that she says what she means and means what she says. She adds that because she is like that she is going to tell Kaitlyn that she is the one with the power from last week. She tells her very vague details about her power, she tells her it has an expiration date on it, but it’s a still a ways away and it can be used on anyone. Kaitlyn tells her that she wants to work with Sam, she wants it to be their power while it’s in play. Kaitlyn then tells her that her plan is to BD someone.

Kaitlyn talks to Winston next and tells him he is going to go up as a pawn and that Swaggy is her target. He agrees to act upset when she nominates him. Fessy is up and she tells him that Winston and Scottie are going up, Winston is her target and Angela would go up as a renom plan. She has different versions of the story depending on who she speaks to. When she talks to Swaggy, she tells him that Winston is her target and he agrees not to use the POV if he wins it and tells her he would also be willing to just host if she wanted.

A Break in the One-On-Ones

The BB App Store announcement is made and the feeds go down for a couple hours. When they come back we find out that Rachel got the Crap-App. It is called “Yell” and it’s a play on Yelp and has something to do with yelling. We did not find out who has the Power App yet.

The feeds go down again for nominations and when they come back, we see Winston’s and Scottie’s pictures on the nomination wall. There are some chats after that about where votes would fall and who would be safe if the noms stay the same.

Rachel got really upset about being the least trending HG this week and now that she got a Crap-App, she can’t get a Power App. Swaggy and Scottie are frustrated with Tyler because they think he is working both sides of the house, but also wonder if he is trying to help Scottie over Winston. Swaggy mentions that he thinks he heard someone in the house say that they don’t want Swaggy to play in the Veto, which also has him nervous.

It looks like the plan to BD Swaggy is in the works, but he isn’t too terribly worried…..yet. We know how things can end up in the Big Brother house! By the end of the day, we should know who won the POV and if this plan can actually move forward.

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