Yesterday on the Big Brother live feeds we had the BB App Store open for the final time. We quickly got confirmation on who got the Crap-App and who got the Power App for the week. If you missed out on the results of the final BB App Store giveaway, find out who the lucky and not so lucky HGs were right here!

Not only did we get all the details on the BB App Store, but we watched as the HOH picked their nominees for the week. There were talks of them wanting to even out the sides of the house and boy did that happen! Find out who was put on the block this week with our Big Brother spoilers! Get all the details of the fallout below!

We started the day with the HGs being annoyed with JC. He is ignoring the rules of the HNs and has been sleeping on the floor instead of in one of the satellite dishes. At around 7:43 am BBT, JC left the HN room, laid in bed next to Brett and BB reminded the house that HNs have to sleep in the HN room. At around 8 am BBT, JC throws the blanket that he came out with at Brett’s head while he’s sleeping and takes Brett’s comforter off him and takes one of the pillows off the bed and goes back into the HN room. He continues to sleep on the floor in there instead of the dish.

The feeds went down for the BB App Store and when they came back we find out that Haleigh got the Crap-App and Bayleigh is whispering something to Fessy and tells him not to tell anyone. We got confirmation later that she picked the Identity Theft Power App, find out what that does right here! Bayleigh told Fessy all the details of the app.

Sam is talking to Tyler and Kaycee the details of her app and tells them that she isn’t using the app on anyone but the three of them this week. She does warn them that if she doesn’t use it this week, next week whoever is evicted gets the chance to come back automatically. She agrees to see how the week goes, but she tells them there is no one in the house that she values more than the two of them.

Kaitlyn talks with Scottie asking if she is going up this week and Scottie tells her “not this week, unless someone uses a power.” The feeds go down for the Nomination Ceremony and when they come back up we find out that Winston and Brett were successfully put up on the block. Scottie invites them both up to the HOH, but Winston goes into the lounge. Winston is not happy at all about being on the block.

Meanwhile upstairs, Brett and Scottie are talking. Brett tells him that Scottie had drawn a line in the sand after he thought that they were good with each other. About 10 minutes later, Winston heads up to talk to Scottie and he tells Scottie he wrote his eviction and will be gone next week. He tells Scottie he better hope he goes home and he better hope he doesn’t win that Veto and leaves. He then goes down to talk to Brett and tells him what he said to Scottie.

There is a lot of talk about who got the three Power Apps for the season. Rockstar thinks that Brett got the first one and Sam got the second one because of the robot punishment. Scottie tells Rockstar and Fessy that Winston threatened to lie to the house about Scottie and tell them all that Scottie flipped his vote against Swaggy. He is covering his tracks now. Scottie tells them that he is going to warn Angela and Rachel that if one of the noms come down, they are the renom choice.

There was a lot of chatter between HGs about the noms and who they would like to see stay if they stay the same. Things aren’t looking good for Winston on that front. Scottie is talking about his best renom option being Kaitlyn and Tyler tells him that Kaitlyn wouldn’t go anywhere. She wouldn’t go anywhere unless he finds out that Kaitlyn was the vote that sent Steve home. Sam does tell Kaitlyn later that she would use her power to save her if she was evicted though.

Scottie was also telling people to keep the noms the same if they win the POV this week. At some point in the feeds, someone asked Scottie who they are voting out if they stay the same and he told them it depends on the votes. He doesn’t care which one leaves as long as the Bros are split up.

Things are going to be interesting today for the POV. A lot of the HGs have decided that they don’t want to win the POV because they don’t want to be in that position this week. Which means it might make it easier for one of the Bros to win it. We will find out who will be playing and who wins the POV later on today so stay tuned for more spoilers!

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