Yesterday was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother house and it wasn’t a particularly good one for some of the HGs in the Big Brother 20 house. POV Players were picked early on the feeds and a little later we found out which of those six HGs was the POV Winner. If you missed any of the action, you can get all the details with our Big Brother spoilers!

The day started off with the POV Players being picked, Scottie, Winston, and Brett were joined by Rockstar, Rachel, and Tyler in the POV comp yesterday. After the players were picked there was some chatter in the house. Rockstar was worried that she would come off as a strong competitor and be seen as a target in the house now that she gets to play (did she not play in the two HOHs?). Tyler tells JC that Scottie has warned everyone that if they win the POV and use it, he will renom their closest friend in the house.

There was a conversation between Tyler and Kaycee about what he plans to do in the POV comp. He confirmed to her that he planned to throw the competition. Tyler tells Kaycee about a conversation he had with Sam the night before where she was going to tell Scottie she would go up as a renom if he needs one. That way she can use the power she has before it is given to whoever gets evicted next week. Tyler doesn’t like this idea because they might need it next week if one of them end up in trouble.

The feeds were down for about two hours for the POV Comp and when they come back up we see Scottie wearing the medallion. Not a good scenario for the Bros because he will not change his nominations.

Winston and Brett are in the storage room and they are trying to come up with a plan. They want to go up to the HOH in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping and propose a F3 deal with Scottie and see if they can talk him into BD’ing Kaitlyn this week. It’s a terrible plan and probably won’t work, but I guess it’s worth a try…

A little later, Brett is talking to Angela and he tells her that he can’t campaign against Winston. Angela offers to do it for him and tells him that she is expecting Winston to go this week. Later there is a conversation between Brett, Angela, and Winston, they are determined to chance Scottie’s mind about getting rid of one of them, but she reminds them that Scottie doesn’t want to BD anyone.

Haleigh and Scottie are talking and they want Brett to go this week. Meanwhile, Rachel is talking to JC and campaigning against Winston. She is telling him that Winston is not a good player and isn’t an asset for their side of the house. The conversation then turns to who they are going to target if they win the next HOH. She tells him that they have to get rid of some of the bigger threats so that Rockstar can stay, but JC tells her that he doesn’t want her in Jury.

Later, JC and Tyler are talking and they both agree that Brett should be the one that goes this week, clearly Rachel’s campaigning didn’t sway him. He tells Tyler about Rachel’s campaign for Brett. JC tells Tyler that he hopes to get rid of Rockstar or Kaitlyn next week and adds that he thinks that Kaitlyn will be a bitter juror if she stays.

The backyard opens, the HGs then celebrate Rachel’s birthday after midnight last night and then the Bros go upstairs to talk to Scottie. They are suggesting that they all work together and no one in the house would know that they are working together and no one would suspect it. They mention how Kaitlyn would be a great move because of what she did to Swaggy.

Scottie tells them that he wasn’t the only one that wanted them on the block. There were other HGs in there that that came to him and suggested they go up. He is also concerned that if they get to F3 that the Bros are going to pick each other over him. Winston tells him that it won’t matter because it will then be the F3 HOH and he can beat them. Winston tells him that the three of them could run this house, but if one of them go home this week, they will be fighting for their lives in the house. Winston also reminds Scottie that his alliance is shaky at best right now. Scottie asks Winston who he thinks is in the house for the wrong reasons, Winston tells him that he doesn’t want to lay that all out until he knows that there is trust between them. Scottie understands. Scottie tells him that he has to sleep on it.

Later there is a chat between Fessy and Scottie about how this will be the third guy in a row to get evicted. Fessy says it might not be the worst thing for them, but thinks that something might have to change in their plan. Scottie asks Fessy if he thinks that they need to pivot this week, but they don’t think so. They talk about how all the girls are starting to get along and Scottie mentions that Kaitlyn is usually the odd man out in that group.

Things start to wind down after that conversation. I’m not expecting Scottie to go with this plan with the Bros. I am expecting him to not use the POV tomorrow and one of the Bros will walk out the door this week. We shall see what happens over the next could days though. A brand new episode of Big Brother 20 tonight at 8/7c, make sure you come back a little later tonight for our Big Brother 20 live recap right here!

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