It is POV day in the Big Brother 20 house and we have found out who will be joining the HOH and the nominees in the Power of Veto comp which will be played later today. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers right here to find out who is playing in this week’s POV comp!

We all know that Scottie’s plan this week was to even the playing field in the Big Brother 20 house. His nomination choices have proven that this week. If either of the noms plan on making it through this week, winning the POV is going to be key. Find out who they will be going up against later today right here!

The feeds went down and when they came back up we found out that the following HGs will be playing in the Power of Veto comp later today!

  • Scottie (HOH)
  • Brett and Winston (noms)
  • Rachel, Rockstar and Tyler

It looks like there might be a small chance that someone other than the noms will pull one of them down. Rachel will most likely use it on Brett if she won and Tyler may or may not use it. I think at this point it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Tyler didn’t use it at all though and kept the noms the same. What do you think of the Bros chances of winning this comp and saving themselves or someone saving one of them? Let me know!

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