It was a calm day on the Big Brother 20 live feeds yesterday as the HGs lounged and chatted the day away. The yard was closed so they were stuck inside. There was more talk about Sam’s power and who might have the other ones. If you have missed anything from the Big Brother 2018 live feeds, check out my Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up!

The HGs got their wakeup call at 9:45 am BBT and the first real conversation happened between Tyler and Brett around 10:25 am. Tyler is telling Brett that this is the last week for Sam to use her power and he seemed pretty determined to get her to use it on him.

Rockstar and Sam had a conversation a couple of hours later about how Rockstar knows who has one of the powers. She is convinced that JC has one because while he was half asleep she asked him if he was going to use his power and he said: “no I’m not using it this week.” Rockstar mentions that there are three powers floating around the house and Sam tells her that everyone knows Sam has one and she’s had it since the beginning. Rockstar acts like she didn’t know and Sam adds that she isn’t using it this week and it expires this week also. She tells Rockstar she would have used it on herself for sure, but couldn’t think of how to use it in a fair way on someone else. Rockstar makes Sam promise not to tell anyone about JC’s (non-existent) power.

Kaitlyn tells Scottie that she found out about Sam’s power when she was HOH and didn’t even tell Tyler about it until after she told Scottie. Now she is just lying to lie…Tyler told her about the power before Sam had a chance to. Kaitlyn is also upset with Rachel, Kaycee, and Angela because they want to save Brett this week after he mocked Kaitlyn’s supernatural powers in his veto speech. Just let that sink in for a minute.

Rockstar got stuck on the rock wall for about 20 minutes yesterday afternoon, this was probably the most excitement in the house all day. Winston did a little campaigning to Tyler yesterday telling him that if he stays this week, him and Tyler can run the house together. He even points out that Kaitlyn wants him to stay, not sure that’s a good selling point for him to be using though. Tyler mentions that Kaitlyn wants Brett out because she will be his primary target if he stays in the house.

Winston tells Tyler that he doesn’t really want to throw Brett under the bus and campaign against him, but he came here to play the game and that’s what he has to do. Winston tells Tyler that if he should stay and wins the next HOH, he wouldn’t put Kaitlyn up. Again, probably not what Tyler wants to hear at this point. Tyler tells Winston about how he told Kaitlyn about Sam’s power and then she ran off and told everyone about it giving them the wrong details. He said that Kaitlyn messed up the chances of Sam using the power this week by going around and telling everyone about it. Tyler tells Winston that Kaitlyn needs to go soon, Winston tells him that she can also stay and always be the target ahead of them.

There was a lot of talk about who everyone suspects has one of the other two powers. Some people are convinced that Kaitlyn has one of them, some think JC has one of them, but no one suspects the two people who actually have them. JC mentions that he thinks this week will be an endurance HOH because the yard is closed down so early, which might actually be accurate because we haven’t had one yet. Bayleigh and Haleigh are on to Tyler and think he is a snake. They mention that if they put him up next to Angela then he would definitely go home.

Later there is a conversation between Rockstar and Winston about how he didn’t come campaign to her last week when he was on the block. He tells her that it was because he knew that her vote was set already. She tells him that he is still supposed to play the game regardless of that. He agrees that he should’ve gone to talk to her and then tells her that he is still learning the game (which is BS because he is a “super-fan”). He tells her that he would like to talk to her this week and she tells him that they will chat about it tomorrow (today).

Kaitlyn had been talking to Brett and he tells her that one of the people closest to her was in on telling him she was campaigning against him. She talks to Fessy after and tells him that maybe keeping Brett will keep a bigger target in the house because if Brett goes then Fessy will be the next biggest target. Kaitlyn later tells Tyler that she is voting to keep Brett, but Tyler tells her he isn’t because she told him not to.

Last night there was an argument between Bayleigh and JC. Bayleigh, Scottie, Fessy, and JC were talking about height and she asked JC what the difference between a “little person” and a dwarf was. He tells her that a dwarf is a genetic condition. So then she asked if there was a difference between a midget and a dwarf. He was trying to explain that it was a derogatory remark but didn’t know the word to use so he told her it was like calling a gay person a f****t or a black person a n****r. She tells him he isn’t allowed to do that and that was out of control for him to say. He tells her that he didn’t think if he was trying to explain something that it was bad for him to say. The feeds cut and when they returned 45 minutes later, Bayleigh and JC are in the lounge, but off camera.

An hour after the conversation started, the conversation ended. Things calmed down and JC is talking to Brett. JC is stressed about what happened with Bayleigh and doesn’t understand why small things become such big problems. He is clearly upset about what happened with Bayleigh.

Looks like Sam is really set on letting her power be forced next week instead of using it on one of the Bros this week. However, anything can happen between today and tomorrow’s eviction! Also, if you haven’t voted in our Favorite HG poll, make sure you do so right here and stay tuned for the results later this afternoon!

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