It is that time of the week where I ask you who your favorite Big Brother HG is for week 3! We have seen a lot of things on the Big Brother live feeds and the shows that have aired since my last poll so I’m expecting the results to change a bit. If you have missed the Big Brother spoilers this week make sure you get all caught up right here!

This week we watched as Scottie won the HOH and vowed to even out the sides of the house. In order to do that, he had to get someone from the other side of the house evicted out this week.

Before the nomination ceremony took place, we found out who got the final Power App and Crap-App of the Big Brother 20 season. Bayleigh came out on top with the Identity Theft app that allows her to take the identity of the HOH and make the nominations for the week. This doesn’t control the renom at the POV ceremony and she can’t nominate the current HOH, but it can prove to be interesting nonetheless.

Haleigh ended up with the Crap-App this week and has to read Hamlet while in costume every time there is an announcement for her to do so. This Crap-App will continue until the book is finished. Did you agree that Haleigh should have been the least trending HG in the Big Brother house?

After that we watched as the Bros hit the chopping block. Tomorrow night we will find out which HGs will compete in the POV comp and if the POV will be used to save one of them. If you don’t want to wait to find out who the POV players were, the POV winner was or how the POV Ceremony went, just click on the links to find out!

With all that has happened this week on the show or on the feeds, which of the remaining HGs is your favorite? Let me know by voting in the poll below and I will have the results for you tomorrow afternoon!

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