Scottie has been pretty set about splitting up the Bros this week on Big Brother 20 and after some drama in the house last night, it made the target on one of them much bigger. Don’t count them out yet, one of them had the idea of dropping a bomb in their veto speech. Did they do it? Did it help or hurt their game? Did it sway the POV winner to use it? Find out below with our Big Brother spoilers if the POV was used to take one of them down!

Last night on the Big Brother live feeds, Kaitlyn told Scottie about a dream she had where the Bros were secretly trying to get Kaitlyn put on the block. When Kaitlyn went to tell Scottie about this, Scottie spilled the beans about his secret conversation with Brett and Winston the night before. This caused Kaitlyn to go ballistic on Brett specifically because Scottie was throwing his name around more than Winston’s in his conversation with Kaitlyn.

The house is under the impression that Scottie isn’t going to be using the POV and keeping his noms the same. Winston mentions that Brett should tell Scottie in his Veto speech that Kaitlyn was the 7th vote to evict Steve in week one and Brett is all for it. However, Brett didn’t have to because she decided to go up to the HOH and tell Scottie herself before the POV Ceremony. Did this change Scottie’s mind?

The Results of the Veto Ceremony are:

  • Scottie did not use the Veto
  • Winston and Brett are final noms for week 3.

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