We have a new HOH in the Big Brother house and although most are saying it’s a wasted week because of Sam’s Power App, this could end up being an interesting week nonetheless. Keep reading my Big Brother live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers including who the new HOH is and who everyone thinks will be the target right here! 

Things got pretty interesting in the Big Brother house after the live eviction that sent Winston home. We have a new HOH, she told everyone that she was going to have them in her HOH room for her reveal and then tell them all who she was putting up right there. That being against the Big Brother rules, Sam was told she wasn’t allowed to tell them like that.

Let’s Rewind a Bit

When the feeds came back from the HOH comp, Rockstar is crying because of what Brett did during his eviction speech. She is pissed that he did that to her on live television on her daughter’s birthday. She is telling everyone that she never had a conversation with Brett, he never even gave her the time of day until he mentioned her name in his speech. Rockstar and Bayleigh agree that they have been kept in the dark every week about what the real plan is on eviction night. Bayleigh then tells Fessy that someone flipped, no two people flipped because JC voted Brett out (no, he didn’t).

Kaitlyn later tells Fessy that she believes the story about Rockstar because Tyler wouldn’t have flipped (he did). She tells him that she thinks it was Haleigh and Rockstar (it wasn’t). Kaitlyn tells Rachel that if it was Tyler that flipped, she will kill herself (just a little dramatic). Kaitlyn and Brett have a conversation and he tells her his side of the conversation with Rockstar that never happened, but Kaitlyn is believing everything he is selling.

Haleigh comes into the conversation because she is asking Brett about a hoodie and Kaitlyn asks Haleigh if she was the one who flipped. Haleigh says it wasn’t her. Kaitlyn tells her to swear on her mother that it wasn’t her and Haleigh tells her she isn’t going to do that. She also tells Kaitlyn that she is tired of Kaitlyn always putting her on the spot and not believing her about her votes. After Haleigh left this conversation, she goes to talk to Bayleigh and tells her how annoyed she is that Kaitlyn put her on the spot in front of Brett about her vote. Bayleigh tells her she probably didn’t mean anything by it, but when Kaitlyn joins this conversation, Bayleigh lets her have it about letting conversations and information slip that’s supposed to be between them.

Later, Haleigh is having a conversation with Scottie and she is freaking out a bit. She is convinced that she is going to be on the block and thinks that it’s going to be next to Kaitlyn. Meanwhile, Tyler is having a conversation with Bayleigh after Kaitlyn threw his name into the situation with Brett and Rockstar, saying that he saw this conversation happen. He tells Bayleigh that he never once told Kaitlyn that he saw Brett and Rockstar talking and has no idea why she is bringing his name into this. After this conversation ends, Tyler announces that he is done talking game for the day and Kaitlyn gets upset because she wanted to talk to him. He talks to her anyway and she is whining to him that his game is eating her alive (pretty sure that his game is only supposed to help him in the first place). He tells her to stop playing a victim.

After her conversation with Tyler, Kaitlyn goes to talk to Rockstar. Rockstar is telling her that America knows how she voted. She said it would make no sense for her to vote to keep Brett after what he said about her in his speech. Kaitlyn tells her that she doesn’t believe she voted to keep Brett, but two people in the house flipped.

Fessy and Bayleigh have a quick chat about her power app. He asks if she is going to use it this week and she tells him no. There is also a conversation between JC and Angela about Rachel. He tells Angela that he doesn’t know if they can trust Rachel because she likes Rockstar. Angela tells him that she and Rachel aren’t as close as they used to be (this is what she and Rachel said they were going to do when they made their F2 deal with each other).

Fessy questioned JC about his vote. JC acts like he is offended by this and Fessy tells him he is confused and worried that two of their alliance members are flipping on them. JC is putting it in Fessy’s head that it’s Kaitlyn again. JC tells Fessy that it’s probably going to be Haleigh and Kaitlyn on the block this week and Fessy says he’s fine with that because one or both of them are lying to him. Fessy goes to talk to Kaitlyn and he is being really standoffish and she is getting upset with him. He tells her that he just doesn’t know who to trust and she doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to keeping her word (she flipped last week).

It’s HOH reveal time and Kaitlyn tells Fessy she isn’t going, but he makes her get up and go. After she reads her letter and they chat about it a bit, Sam makes an announcement to the group. She tells them that she isn’t doing one-on-ones, she already knows who she is nominating, but she isn’t allowed to say so she isn’t until the nomination ceremony. She also tells them that this is her room for the week and no one is going to be in the room with her unless they are invited by her and with her in her room. After this, everyone files out of the HOH room.

Haleigh, Kaitlyn, and Fessy are all talking. Fessy tells them that he doesn’t know who to trust anymore and Kaitlyn is continuing to defend her vote. Haleigh thinks that Sam’s power was to flip two votes and maybe she did and that’s why Brett got the votes to stay. Kaitlyn tells them that her intuition is telling her that (ummmmm, no, that was Haleigh).

Rockstar has at this point gotten herself so worked up that she wants out of this house. Rockstar later mentions that Rachel was being nice to her and she thinks that it’s because Rockstar she doesn’t like what Brett did to her. About a half hour later, Rockstar grabs pots and starts banging and singing about Brett. She climbs on top of him and starts banging them in his face. He tells her that this has already been done. Sam goes to Rockstar and asks her if she can stop because it’s 2 in the morning. Rockstar tells her that she is just so happy that Brett is still here and Sam tells her that she would really rather Rockstar stop. Sam reminds her that her banging the pots doesn’t just affect Brett, it affects the whole house.

After Rockstar’s performance, Angela and Brett discuss that Sam might put Rockstar up because of her antics. Rachel checks in with Angela and Brett and tells them that she is still with them, but she is playing the other side a bit.

So, this could be an interesting week and bring all the drama that we were hoping for now that Josh has re-entered the house, oh wait, that was Rockstar! Come back later today for Sam’s nominations!

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