It was nomination day and Hacker Comp day in the Big Brother 20 house. We also got a reason for Sam’s strange behavior in the Big Brother house. If you missed any of the action, keep reading my Big Brother spoilers right here to get all the information from Friday’s live feeds! 

The HGs got an early wake-up call and had a busy day ahead of them. We started the day with talks about who Haleigh was going to nominate for eviction. She told Rockstar that she was thinking about nominating Angela and Kaycee and also mentions that she doesn’t think that Tyler is expecting her to BD him. Haleigh also wonders if she should let Kaycee know she’s a pawn this week, but Rockstar doesn’t think she should. Rockstar also mentions maybe using JC as a pawn, but to tell him that he isn’t the target (he would freak out regardless).

Haleigh then talks to Scottie and she is practicing her nomination speech, but she doesn’t tell him who her nominations are right away. The talks turn to Tyler and the conversation she had the night before with him. Scottie tells Haleigh that she has to watch out for Sam. She is acting really strange lately but adds that she shouldn’t put her on the block right now. She told him about the deal she had with Sam and he tells her that it’s worth feeling out a little longer.

Feeds cut for nominations and when they come back we find out that Angela and Kaycee are on the block together. Tyler goes to them after and tells them that he is getting BD’d this week, Angela tells him he needs to stay calm. He tells them that they are going to win Hacker and Veto. After Tyler leaves the room, Kaycee and Angela are mocking Haleigh’s “big move.”

Meanwhile, in the HOH, Fessy and Scottie are all talking. Scottie and Fessy are comparing notes on JC and things aren’t adding up. Haleigh comes in and she is aggravated that they are meeting in her HOH room. They continue their conversation about JC and Haleigh goes to get Rockstar. Haleigh then asks Fessy if he ever considered that JC is maybe making things up and feeding these lies to both sides of the house? Rockstar chimes in that JC could be playing both sides of the house.

JC then walks in and the conversation shifts to how Haleigh’s move to put Angela and Kaycee up together instead of nominating Sam put a lot of blood on her hands. He tells them that he doesn’t think either of them will go home this week. Haleigh has everyone in the HOH room to agree not to hack the noms if they win and later asks Brett to promise the same thing. They all agreed to it, including Brett.

There is a conversation between Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee and they are talking about how they need to win Hacker because they need to be able to cancel a vote in order to get Rockstar out. They are wondering if they should nominate Sam instead. They talk a little about votes and then the feeds cut for the Hacker Comp. When the feeds come back up we find out that Kaycee won the Hacker Comp. She told Tyler not to tell JC or Sam.

Meanwhile, Haleigh is convinced that Kaycee is the Hacker, but then her and Fessy think that maybe Scottie is the Hacker. Haleigh is freaking out though because Rockstar is acting way too calm and Tyler is freaking out. She is wondering if Rockstar won and just isn’t telling anyone. All of the HGs start getting called into the DR and after the rounds, the feeds go down again for the Hacker’s decision. When the feeds come back we find out that Kaycee was taken off the block (I know, shocker) and Rockstar was put up in her place.

After the Hacker renom, Kaycee talks to Tyler about picking him for the POV and he agrees. They want to win the Veto and lock down the noms so they can get Rockstar out this week. Kaycee also tells Brett that she won the Hacker comp and he tells her that everyone thinks he won it.

There is a lot of talking about Sam throughout the evening. Sam and Tyler had a heart to heart but then she had a conversation with Haleigh and seemed to want to out Tyler’s power to her. Sam then goes to the storage room to talk to herself. she is saying that this isn’t what she signed up for. She says that she isn’t going to ruin any opportunity outside of the house to be happy because of some “f*cking idiot.” She then claims that everyone thinks she is stupid.

Angela then has a chat with Sam. She asks Sam if something is wrong because she feels like Sam’s been treating her differently. Sam is very abrasive and she tells Angela that she just hates being there, this whole situation makes her uncomfortable. She tells her it isn’t her or her working out, or her eating chicken and tells her that not everything is about her. She tells her that she is sick of this place, everyone is so uptight and with fewer people in the house, there is less going on.

JC talks to Sam after this and tells her that everyone is stressed out and she is acting selfishly. She tells JC that she thinks that people are making fun of her and he tells her that everyone loves her and have nothing but respectfully things to say about her. Later there is a conversation between Sam and Kaycee and she tells her that she would vote for Kaycee or Rockstar over Angela. Kaycee mentions that if the Veto is used there is a good chance that Kaycee will end up back on the block.

Throughout the night there are a lot of random conversations. The one I was to note is that Sam and Rockstar had a conversation late last night. Sam asks Rockstar to pretend they are outside of the house for a minute. She then asks Rockstar what she thinks about Brett and she tells Sam that he is growing on her like a fungus. She tells Sam that she thinks he is a genuine person with a dark side. Sam then asks if she thinks he has a thing for Haleigh and she tells her that she doesn’t think so and then she asks if Haleigh has a thing for him and she tells her no.

She then asks if she thinks that Brett would charm all the girls to pin them against each other and Rockstar tells her that he would absolutely do that. She hates that about this game. Sam tells her that he doesn’t do any of that with her and Rockstar tells her that he doesn’t do that to her either. She admits to having a thing for Brett and she’s paranoid that him being nice to her is just a ploy. Rockstar tells her that she is clearly working through her breakup before getting to the house and she is lonely and vulnerable. That’s normal.

So come to find out, Sam has a crush on Brett, she is not going to pursue anything in the house because she doesn’t have to have her heart broken on television. She is being paranoid that Brett is playing with her emotions for the sake of his game. She seems to really like Brett and is hoping that he isn’t pretending to be nice to her and that he is being genuine.

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