The power has shifted in the Big Brother house after someone from the Hive (FKA FOUTTE) won the HOH last night. The HGs spent the night trying to figure out who could end up nominated this week which probably has Tyler wondering if he needs to use his power app this week. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to get the details of what the plan is looking like for this week of Big Brother 20!

The feeds came back up about 10 minutes after the live eviction show aired on the east coast and we watched as Tyler and Kaycee talked about how sick of Sam they are and how she is playing a personal game and risking theirs in the process. According to our source on Twitter (REALvegas4sure) Sam went into the DR about an hour before the live show and refused to vote. When she was told she couldn’t do that, she tried to self-evict, but was asked to stay.

Sam is upset because she went against the house with her vote and Angela tells her not to worry about it. Angela is trying to comfort her and tells her not to worry about it. She did what she felt was right. Sam tells Angela that as far as Haleigh being HOH, she wasn’t going to “suck her d*ck to keep from getting nominated.” Sam goes out to the living room and lays on the couch. JC comes over and she tells JC she didn’t think it was fair that Bayleigh was going to be unanimously voted out. She told the same thing to Rockstar and Rockstar tells her she isn’t upset at Sam for giving her vote to Bayleigh. She tells Sam she would have done the same thing if she was in Sam’s shoes.

Meanwhile, Kaycee is telling Angela that her and Tyler are over Sam. Angela tells Kaycee that Sam is an easy target for Haleigh because Sam nominated her. Angela thinks that Sam and Brett will go up and Tyler will be a BD option. We then got a look at a conversation with Haleigh and Rockstar. Haleigh asks her what they are going to do and Rockstar tells her that if she won she was going to put Angela and Kaycee up with Tyler as a BD. Rockstar adds that most people would think she would put up Brett, but she wouldn’t do that. Haleigh tells her that she isn’t touching Brett this week either.

Fessy tells JC that Haleigh will probably nominate two weak players in order to BD a strong one and then tells JC to keep his mouth shut about it (fat chance of that happening). Meanwhile, Kaycee is telling Tyler that she won’t put Tyler up outright, she knows he will win the Veto and take himself down. A little later there is a conversation where JC tells Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee that he is going to try and get Haleigh to nominate Sam. Angela tells them that if they win the Hacker they can put Rockstar up against Sam and then win the Veto and keep noms the same.

Haleigh started doing one on ones in the HN room because she had plans of going to bed early. Sam starts it off with Angela in the room. Sam tells her congratulations on her HOH win, she apologizes for not being more enthusiastic about it and then tells her that if Haleigh put her up she would understand because she nominated Haleigh.

Angela then talks to Haleigh and Angela mentions that she thinks Sam wants to go and Haleigh adds that she doesn’t think Sam knew what she was signing up for. JC goes to talk to Haleigh and is really pushing Sam’s name hard. He tells Haleigh that she should put up two weak players because the Hacker Comp really makes this whole thing harder. He tells her that if one of them wins the Hacker Comp they can target a bigger player. Haleigh tells JC that she isn’t putting Tyler up, with the Hacker Comp and Veto it would just be stupid.

Fessy and Haleigh talk about what Haleigh should do. Fessy tells her that she should nominate Angela and Kaycee and BD Tyler this week. She tells Fessy that BD’ing Tyler is her goal this week. She tells Fessy that she is definitely nominating Kaycee, but isn’t sure who she is putting next to her. Tells him it’s between Sam and Angela. She adds that she can justify putting Sam up, but not Angela and doesn’t think that Angela is coming after her.

Haleigh then chats with Rockstar and she tells her that she is toying with Sam next to Angela or Kaycee this week and Rockstar tells her “Angela for sure.” She then tells her that she should put Kaycee and Angela up and make a deal with Sam. They talked about Brett a little and about how Rockstar has completely changed her tone about Brett. She tells Haleigh that she just noticed that Brett wasn’t who she thought he was. After what he did she was angry, but as she started to really watch Brett and listen to him she realized that he wasn’t a bad person.

Haleigh talks to Brett after and tells him that whatever she does can be changed so she has to really think about this. She tells him that she has a few options but doesn’t mention names, she uses numbers for people. He tells her that she is definitely thinking about it the right way. Her next one on one is with Sam and she is telling Haleigh that she is aggravated that she is being kept in the dark (even though that’s what she wanted). Haleigh and Sam have their chat and Sam really just doesn’t want to be there anymore, but Haleigh is able to talk her down a bit. They then make a deal that if Sam wins HOH next week she won’t put Haleigh up.

The talks go on until Haleigh gets her HOH room. After the HOH reveal, Haleigh has some conversations with JC, who is still really pushing for Sam to be put up. Haleigh also talks to Tyler, she tells him that she is upset with him for trying to turn Scottie against her. He warns her that if she puts him up as a nom that he will have two chances to take himself down. Tyler offers to use the Hacker the way she wants if he wins and she makes him pinky promise.

As Tyler is leaving the room, Fessy comes in and is talking about the Rachel/Brett eviction and he asks Tyler to verify that Bayleigh told him and Tyler to vote Rachel out. He then tells Haleigh that he (Fessy) told Bayleigh to stick to the plan because they can get Rachel out the next week. Haleigh tells Tyler that she was told that Fessy was the flip vote because Bayleigh told him to. Tyler tells her that Fessy told her to stick to the plan. Tyler tells her that he voted out Rachel because she was being sketchy and he didn’t want her in the house.

After Tyler leaves, Rockstar comes in and Fessy tells Haleigh that after that vote he asked Tyler who else he talked to about flipping the vote to get Rachel out and he mentioned Scottie’s name. She asks Rockstar to leave for a second and she flips on Fessy. She doesn’t know what’s going on with him right now but he needs to stop. He is really upset and tells her that he doesn’t even care about this game right now. She tells him that makes him a liability for her. She tells him that she believes him that he didn’t flip and he tells her that means that it was Scottie. Fessy asks her if that’s a problem for her and she tells him it is but not an immediate one.

He is still really frustrated because that means that Scottie has been lying to him and she tells him that she has never seen someone get that upset over something he didn’t do. She tells him that if he barges in like this again, she is not going to communicate with him anymore and he laughs it off. She tells him it isn’t funny and that she came here to win and he is acting out of control. She has Rockstar come back in and ends the conversation.

Things are going to be interesting in the Big Brother house this week. It looks like Haleigh is thinking about putting Angela and Kaycee or Sam with one of those two for her initial noms and then possibly BD’ing Tyler this week. I guess we will see what happens a little later today with the nomination ceremony and Hacker Comp both happening. Make sure you come back for all the spoilers!

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