Yesterday was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 20 house and the house was left in shambles, literally. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds on Saturday right here! Also, make sure you come back tonight for our live recap of tonight’s episode of Big Brother where the HOH competition and nomination ceremony play out!

The HGs got an early wake up call and about 45 minutes later the feeds went down for the POV Players picking. When the feeds come back we find out that Tyler, Haleigh and Angela were picked to join Fessy, Brett and Scottie in the Power of Veto comp.

There is a chat between Tyler and Fessy right after. Fessy is happy that Tyler was picked to play because Tyler told him he wouldn’t use it if he won. Tyler told Fessy that him and Angela were never close in the game and he only saved her because she saved him. He also promised Fessy that Haleigh isn’t on his radar. Fessy was trying to figure out who would be evicted if the noms stayed the same, Tyler tells him he isn’t sure. Tyler then goes to talk to Sam to ask her if she told anyone about his power app, she tells him that she hasn’t and she never will.

The feeds cut for the POV Comp and six hours later, the feeds come back up and we see Brett wearing the Veto Medallion. The house is trashed, it was the Hide & Seek Veto comp and it was hosted by Zingbot. Sam is upset because someone broke her dreamcatcher and she is standing alone in the lounge looking pretty overwhelmed by the mess. Kaycee checked on Sam and told her that she put Sam’s bed back together, Sam didn’t say much. The HGs continue checking on Sam, but she keep telling them she is fine. You can tell she is not. She finally tells Fessy that she is most upset about all the wasted food later on.

Brett and Angela are celebrating Brett’s win while looking for cleaning supplies in the storage room. Brett notes that he can’t wait to tell Fessy off in his Veto speech. He plans on pointing out that Fessy told Brett he would never nominate him, but then did. Meanwhile, Fessy is up in the HOH room showering instead of helping everyone else (beside Sam who lays in the lounge) clean up. JC goes to talk to Fessy and tells him that he shouldn’t put up a big player like Tyler next to Scottie or else Tyler might go after him next week. They talk about using Kaycee as a pawn and maybe Sam, but JC notes that Sam is “bat sh*t crazy” and they don’t know how she will react. Fessy feels like because he’s HOH he shouldn’t have to help clean, but JC tells him he was part of the comp and should help. He reluctantly goes down to put a mop around and pretend like he’s helping.

There is a conversation between Haleigh and Fessy. He tells her that he wants to make a deal for the two of them with Tyler and Angela. He tells Haleigh he doesn’t want to renom Tyler because when he stays, he will come after him. Haleigh talks about her plans if this is a DE and she wins the HOH. She tells him that she would nominate Sam and Brett and then renom Kaycee if she needed to. Fessy is convinced that no one will put him up because he keeps winning vetos (he’s won two, Tyler won three).

Fessy talks with Sam later on and tries to scare her. He told her that he thinks people will start throwing her name around, but he doesn’t plan on putting her up as a renom. She tells him that she isn’t going to tell him who to put up, she just hopes that it isn’t her. After this, Sam talks to Tyler and explains to him that she is worried he is drifting closer to Angela and Kaycee and further from her. He promises her that they have a solid F2.

Fessy makes a decision about who is going up as a renom and tells Haleigh that he is going to talk to Kaycee about going up. He wants her to know she is just a pawn and that Scottie is his target. Haleigh is still upset with Fessy over him being so quick to give Sam safety when she wants Sam out. She also told Fessy that she saw JC and Tyler talking for a long time downstairs, but Fessy told her that he trusts Tyler to vote out Scottie this week. He tells her that he is only worried about going up if Brett or Kaycee gets HOH.

There are some talks between Sam, Brett and Scottie. Sam talks with Scottie and tells him that she would make a great juror because she is impartial, she also mentioned in this same talk that she has a self-eviction speech planned just in case. Sam tells Scottie that she will have to vote with the majority this week (while this talk is going on, Haleigh is upstairs trying to convince Fessy to put Sam up instead of Kaycee).

Brett tells Scottie that Fessy and Haleigh are in a showmance, but Scottie is convinced that Haleigh is playing Fessy. Scottie is expecting Tyler to be renom’d next to him. Scottie mentions that if somehow he stays this week, he is going after Fessy. Sam tells Brett and Scottie that Haleigh should be the renom because it’s her fault that so many of her alliance members have been evicted. Scottie tells her that there is no way that Fessy would renom her, but Sam is determined to try. Brett tells her that it won’t work.

Scottie tells them that he is going to tells Fessy about his F2 with Haleigh and he is going to try and keep his cool tomorrow, but Brett tells him that he shouldn’t. He tells Scottie that he should blow up and he should do it in front of everyone. Scottie tells Sam he is on board with her plan to try and get Fessy to nominate Haleigh, but she is wondering if it’s bad for her game. Brett tells her that if Haleigh is already against Sam, it can’t hurt her anymore.

Well, it looks like either Kaycee or Sam will end up on the block next to Scottie this week. If Sam ends up there, things could have potential to get interesting because of the way she has been acting. However, I suspect that Scottie is most likely to end up a juror this week. I’m 99.9% positive that Fessy isn’t going to go for Sam’s idea to renom Haleigh, but you never know with him. Make sure you come back later tonight for a brand new episode of Big Brother where we will be able to watch the HOH and Nomination Ceremony play out!

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