It has been an interesting couple days in the Big Brother 20 house and it has the potential to get even better. We have a new HOH in power, they have named their nominations and now we know who will be joining them in today’s Power of Veto. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out! 

Fessy is the new HOH for week 8 on Big Brother 20 and he has started this week off with making some questionable moves by nominating one of his own alliance members. The Hive hasn’t been able to get their alliance on the same page since Kaitlyn flipped on Steve and sent him home week 1 and this week doesn’t look promising for them either.

Fessy decided that nominating Brett and Scottie this week was the best move for his game. The funny part of this is, Brett isn’t the target. Fessy’s target this week is Scottie and that’s because Fessy has been convinced by JC (of all people) that Scottie is out to get Fessy. There has been a lot going on in the Big Brother house and you can get all the details by reading my Big Brother live feeds recaps. In the meantime, here are the players for this week’s Power of Veto Comp!

Power of Veto Players for Week 8 are:

  • Fessy (HOH)
  • Scottie & Brett (Noms)
  • Tyler, Haleigh and Angela
  • Kaycee is set to Host

Kaycee won’t actually host because based on Julie’s spoiler on Thursday, this week’s POV is Zingbot. Scottie knows that if he doesn’t win this Power of Veto, his time in the Big Brother house could come to an end. What do you think about Scottie’s chances to save himself this week? Make sure you come back later today for the Power of Veto results!

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