Tonight’s episode will start off with a look at Winston and Brett after the POV ceremony on Big Brother 20. After campaigning we will then find out which of these two HGs will end up evicted from the Big Brother house. After the live eviction, we will watch as the remaining HGs compete in an HOH endurance comp! You can get the results of the HOH comp when it’s over by checking in on our Big Brother spoilers after the live show. 

We started tonight’s episode off with a look at the house after the POV Ceremony. Kaitlyn is a little ticked off about Brett’s veto speech, but Winston thinks it was great for him because Kaitlyn’s side of the house will vote to keep Winston now. Meanwhile, Rachel, Kaycee, and Tyler are all talking about who they should keep. They think that keeping Brett is a better move because it keeps the target off of them. Meanwhile, Rockstar, Haleigh, and Bayleigh are talking about who they should get rid of and they think that Brett should go. Haleigh mentions that Brett could sell her a car with no engine and that’s a dangerous trait to have in the BB house.

Rachel, Angela, Kaycee, and Sam are all talking about their votes. They all agree that keeping Brett would be better for them. Moments later, the HGs are all scattered around the house when they hear Rockstar screaming. She is stuck on the rock wall and Kaitlyn is trying to talk her off it, but her life coaching isn’t working. Haleigh comes in and talks her through it and Rockstar is off the wall.

Kaitlyn is trying to find out what Tyler plans on doing and he tells her that he will do whatever she wants him to. He tells us that he needs her out of the house because she is so bad for his game. Later, in the HOH room, Bayleigh, Rockstar, Scottie, Haleigh, and Kaitlyn are talking and they are counting votes. They think that Tyler is voting out Brett, but L6 thinks he is voting Winston out, he is caught in the middle of a situation.

Winston is talking to Sam and trying to feel out where her vote is heading. She is telling us that if she uses her bonus life on one of the Bros, she is gaining a powerful ally, really she would be gaining a couple of them. She is tossing around the idea of using her Power App to save one of the Bros.

We get a look at Sam’s family and friends and get an idea of what everyone thinks of Sam. She has a lot of cool hobbies like wood burning and painting. We got to see her friends and family react to Sam getting the Power App. They had all noticed that Sam was in a low spot at that point and seeing her smile like that warmed their hearts. They said that as much as they would love to see Sam use the app for herself, she is the type to use it on someone else.

It is now time for the live eviction!

  • Kaitlyn – Brett
  • Rachel – Winston
  • Kaycee – Winston
  • Rockstar – Brett
  • Fessy – Brett
  • Bayleigh – Brett
  • Angela – Winston
  • Haleigh – Brett
  • JC – Winston
  • Tyler – Winston
  • Sam – Winston

That’s it, with 6 votes, Winston is the third person evicted from the Big Brother house. Rockstar is flipping out on Brett for his eviction speech that told everyone that Rockstar came to him and told him he would flip her vote. She is not happy that he tried to throw her under the bus on her daughter’s birthday nonetheless. After Julie chats with Winston, it is time for the HOH endurance comp. Check out my live results post right here!

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