Tonight we will continue to watch as the HGs compete in an HOH endurance comp on Big Brother 20. After we have a new HOH named, we will find out who they will name their nominees for eviction this week. If you don’t want to wait to find out, you can get all the details in our Big Brother spoilers! Otherwise, keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother with the remaining HGs competing in the HOH comp. Rockstar is ticked about the Brett situation and she is standing on the wall trembling. She keeps repeating her kids’ names as motivation to keep going. We get a look at what happened before the HOH and the meltdown between Brett and Rockstar. Kaitlyn is then trying to get Tyler to tell her if he flipped his vote or not. She tells him to swear on his father that he didn’t flip and Tyler gets mad. He tells her that he won’t ever do that and to never ask him to do that again.

Back to the HOH comp, all the HGs are still standing. Sam is telling us that she wants to win this because her Power App is automatically given to the person evicted this week. She wants to be able to choose who has a chance to come back. Meanwhile, 24 minutes into the comp and Rockstar has fallen off her tree.  Fessy is down 30 minutes into this comp and two minutes later, Brett falls too. Bayleigh, Angela, Rachel, and Haleigh all fall within the next ten minutes of the comp. JC loses his footing and he falls at 52 minutes into the comp.

Tyler, Sam, Kaitlyn, and Kaycee are the last four standing. Kaycee is telling us in the DR that she is waiting until Kaitlyn falls. Kaitlyn falls just over an hour in and Kaycee falls right after. It’s just Tyler and Sam and Sam is screaming at Tyler to jump. She tells him she loves him and he asks her if she is going to put him up. She tells him no! She tells him that he has already gotten HOH and tells him to jump and he finally does! Sam won the HOH.

Sam tells us in her DR after the HOH comp that she has already picked her nominees and no matter what anyone says, she isn’t changing her mind. Meanwhile, Rockstar is crying to Bayleigh and Bayleigh is telling us that she needs Rockstar to get it together. Rockstar is also melting down in the DR. JC is talking to Tyler prior to the eviction and tells him that he is going to vote out Winston, Tyler is too. After the eviction and HOH, JC is talking to Fessy and has him convinced that Haleigh and Kaitlyn were probably the ones who flipped.

Kaitlyn asks Fessy if she can talk to him and he tells her that he doesn’t want to talk right now. She just tells him that she wants to talk and he says “ok, what do you want to talk about?” She tells him, “in private…..” He agrees to talk to her and she is trying to talk to him, but he is being really distant and cold to her. She is crying and Sam comes out of the DR and yells to everyone that it’s time to see her HOH room!

After revealing her room, Sam sets some ground rules for the week. She isn’t holding one on ones, she doesn’t want everyone kissing her butt until nominations. She tells them that this is her room for the week and no one is going to be allowed in there unless she invites them and she is in there with them. Haleigh is freaking out a bit because she doesn’t have a relationship with Sam and she isn’t going to have a chance to talk to her before noms. Rockstar is also freaking out because the lie that Brett told may have put a target on her back.

Kaitlyn, Haleigh, and Rockstar are talking about the flipped votes and Kaitlyn asks if they think it was Tyler and JC. All of a sudden, Kaitlyn is convinced that Sam used her power and it flipped two votes and got Winston out. She is convinced this is what happened and runs to Tyler to tell him that. He thinks it’s great that he doesn’t have to hide his vote because of Kaitlyn’s doing it for him.

Rockstar is now working on making Brett’s life a living h***. She is banging a pan in his face and singing a song about how happy she is that he is there and mocking his eviction speech. Brett thinks this is great because she is putting the target on herself by annoying the rest of the house while she is annoying him. This happened at 2 am the night of the eviction.

There is a conversation between Bayleigh and JC that ends up turning into a big misunderstanding. She asked him the difference between a m**get and a dwarf. While explaining that m**get is a derogatory term for a dwarf or little person. He was using examples to explain to her that it’s a derogatory term and used the derogatory term for an African American as one of the examples. She got super offended by him using the word as an example. She stormed out of the room and JC goes to talk to her.

They go back and forth about why those words are so hurtful to them. JC apologizes for using the word and she asked him if there are any hard feelings and he tells her no, not at all. They hug it out. I want to add that after this conversation, JC did have a hard time understanding why the conversation got so blown out of proportion, but when he did realize it, he was legitimately upset that he hurt Bayleigh.

It is time for the nomination ceremony. Sam nominates Haleigh and Kaitlyn. She tells them that they take the most from the house and contribute the least. She tells them that she doesn’t like the way that they treat the young men in the house and that it’s the opposite of female empowerment. She adds that they should have more self-respect for themselves also. Haleigh is in the DR crying and so is Kaitlyn. Fessy tells us that she took a shot at his two girls in the house and now Sam needs to watch out.

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