Tonight we will watch the fall out after Kaitlyn’s eviction from the Big Brother house. We will also get to find out how the HOH competition played out and who the new HOH put up for eviction! If you can’t wait to find all this out, feel free to take a look at our Big Brother spoilers to get all the details! Otherwise, keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20!

We started the episode off with the HGs all reacting to Kaitlyn being evicted. Sam is telling everyone that she thinks it’s her fault, Fessy can’t be happier that she is out and Tyler is sad about it, but he needs to find out who the rogue vote was. Tyler knows that this is going to be blamed on him because he was the closest to Kaitlyn. Fessy gets defensive when Haleigh asks him if it was him that did it.

Tyler goes to talk to the HGs and he tells them all that he voted her out and that he wouldn’t be stupid enough to vote out Rockstar knowing it was supposed to be unanimous. After Tyler tells everyone this, Bayleigh and Sam are talking and Bayleigh tells Sam that she thinks it was Scottie because he was the one who voted Swaggy out. Sam is confused and asks her if she is sure and Bayleigh tells her that Scottie told her it was him.

Now it’s time for the HOH comp! This comp is called Perfect Timing, the HGs will be sitting on an “email” platform and will be sliding from the “inbox” to the “outbox”. The closest to take 8 seconds to do so wins. Bayleigh goes first and she gets there in 8.08 seconds. Tyler gets there in 10.98 seconds, not good enough to take the lead. Haleigh goes, then Brett and then JC and none of them could beat her time. Rockstar, Angela and then Kaycee and Kaycee and Angela come close but beat Bayleigh either. Scottie is up now but is way too quick getting to the end of the slide. Fessy decides that he is just going to go as fast as he can because there is no way he beating Bayleigh’s time. The last HG to go is Rachel and she gets to the end in just over 10 seconds which means that Bayleigh leads the comp all the way to the HOH room!

After the HGs go back into the house, Bayleigh is camtalking to Swaggy telling him that win was for him. After that, she has a conversation with Tyler about how Kaitlyn being voted out was hard for him. Tyler puts on the waterworks for Bayleigh trying to make it seem like Kaitlyn was his number 1, but he tells us she was really number 9 or 10. Bayleigh tells him that she doesn’t feel like Tyler has been targeting her at all, but doesn’t feel like she has his loyalty either. Bayleigh tells us that she would really like to work with him in the future, but tells him she needs his loyalty.

Haleigh and Bayleigh are talking and Bayleigh tells her that JC and Brett are the only ones in the house that she thinks would go after her. She also tells Haleigh that Scottie has been acting shady. She then talks to Scottie and asks him if it was him that flipped, but he tells her it wasn’t him. She tells him that if she finds out it was him and he didn’t tell her when he had the chance that he was a dead man (in many more graphic details). After she is convinced it wasn’t him, she tells him their meeting is adjourned and tells him he better say “thank you.” He does and she tells him to get his “evil ass” out of her room.

Bayleigh then has a chat with JC. She tells him that she has been playing around with the idea of using him as a pawn. She tells everyone that everyone has mentioned his name as a pawn because everyone loves him. This actually upsets JC and he goes downstairs. Fessy goes in to talk to him and JC asks him to go talk to Bayleigh for him. Fessy goes up to talk to her and tells her that not putting JC up will bring another person to their side. She tells him that JC is going to be loyal to Fessy, but not Bayleigh. He tells her that if she doesn’t put JC up then he will have to be loyal.

Bayleigh then talks to Haleigh and then they call Fessy in. Bayleigh attacks Fessy in front of Haleigh about him being “Team JC” and tells him that he shouldn’t be questioning her. He tells her that he wasn’t questioning her, he was laying out the pros and cons of keeping him around. After this conversation, we saw a conversation with Bayleigh and Rachel. She tells Rachel that Scottie told her that Rachel was the flip vote. She tells Bayleigh that it was probably him. Bayleigh tells her that she is thinking about using Rachel as a pawn. Rachel is angry at Scottie. Bayleigh tells her to calm down, she has something to tell her. She tells Rachel about her power app in an attempt to gain Rachel’s trust.

It is time for the nomination ceremony! Bayleigh nominates Brett and Rachel. She tells Brett that he is the easiest one to put up because he has already been a nominee and tells Rachel that she hasn’t done much game talk and she wanted to give her the opportunity to play in the veto. Make sure you come back on Wednesday to find out who will join them as POV Players and who wins the POV right here! If you don’t want to wait to find out, check out our POV players and POV winner spoilers!

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