We have a new HOH in the Big Brother 20 house and they have picked their noms for the week, now we know who will be joining them in this week’s Power of Veto comp on Big Brother 20! Keep reading my Big Brother spoilers to find out which of the HGs will be competing in this week’s POV! 

Bayleigh has a plan in place to possibly BD Scottie, but she would also be okay with Brett going home. With Rachel and Brett on the block together, that give their alliance a good chance of pulling off the POV win. Who else will be joining in on this POV comp? Will a BD option even be feasible this week? Find out right here!

Week 5 POV Players Are:

  • Bayleigh (HOH)
  • Rachel and Brett (Nominees)
  • JC, Tyler and Sam
  • Rockstar is hosting

With Scottie not playing in the POV that gives them a chance to with the POV, take Rachel down and put Scottie up next to Brett or Scottie next to Rachel. I think that Rachel will probably continue to freak out so she would probably be the one someone saves, unless of course Brett wins.

Do you think that if Brett is up against Scottie that Scottie will be voted out over Brett? As long as Tyler, Angela, Rachel and Kaycee vote to keep him and Tyler can convince Sam to also vote with them, Brett should be safe this week. I guess we will see how this plays out. Stay tuned for the POV comp results coming up later today!

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