Tonight we will watch as another HG is evicted from the Big Brother 20 house. Will it be Rockstar or will it be Kaycee? Make sure you catch up on all the action from the week with our Big Brother spoilers! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother. 

We start tonight’s episode off with the post POV Meeting. Rockstar thinks that she has Sam, Fessy and Scottie’s votes this week to stay in the game. Rockstar goes to talk to Kaycee in the lounge and Tyler is in there. After asking Tyler to leave the room, she tells Kaycee that Angela was who they were trying to send home and that Kaycee wasn’t supposed to be the one going home. She is super confident that Kaycee is going to be evicted over her.

There is a chat between Sam and Tyler and he is telling her that he is sorry that he is keeping his distance from her. He tells her that he needed to keep his distance to protect their deal and keep it under the radar. She tells him that her loyalty is with him and she is starting to feel better about their relationship.

We get a look at Fessy and Haleigh talking in the HOH room and he leans on the sink and it completely comes off the wall. They then get into bed and they kissed, it’s official, they are a showmance. Rockstar is talking to Brett they end up getting into this “secret alliance” but Brett tells us that he has no intentions of being in an alliance with her. Brett goes to talk to Tyler and Angela and tells them about his “alliance” with Rockstar.

Later, we get a look at Haleigh asking Brett to help Rockstar with her eviction speech. He is giving her just a bunch of crap that doesn’t really make any sense, but she tells him that she is loving it all.

We got a look at Tyler’s hometown story and we get to see what Tyler’s family thinks about him. His mom tells us all about how he is a natural competitor and loved to bowl. His mother tells us that Tyler is a superfan and he has learned so much from watching the show over the years. She tells us that he has been through so much and that he has made it through it all. She tells us that his father is looking down on him and watching him. She tells us that he would be so proud.

It is time for the live vote and eviction, but first, the Hacker has chosen to cancel Fessy’s vote tonight. Here is how the votes went:

  • Angela – Rockstar
  • JC – Rockstar
  • Sam – Rockstar
  • Scottie – Kaycee
  • Brett – Rockstar (this is enough to send her to jury)
  • Tyler – Rockstar

By a vote of 5-1, Rockstar is eliminated from the Big Brother house and sent to jury! Head on over to our HOH spoilers post for all the details of tonight’s HOH Endurance comp right here!

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