Tonight we will watch as Zingbot returns to the Big Brother house and hosts this week’s Hide and Go Veto Comp! If you want to know who the POV Players are, who the POV Winner is or what happened during the POV Ceremony, feel free to check out our Big Brother spoilers for the information. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20! 

We started tonight’s episode off with the aftermath of the nomination ceremony. Scottie is upset because him and Fessy are supposed to be allies. Fessy is telling Scottie that Scottie is too cautious when he talks to him. Scottie tells us that the house better hope that he doesn’t win the Veto. Angela and Tyler are laughing in the bathroom about how great this week is working out for them.

Haleigh goes up to the HOH room in the middle of the night to talk to him about how she thinks that targeting Scottie is the wrong move. Fessy tells her that of course she feels that way. Fessy is getting annoyed that Haleigh is questioning his moves and he mentions that she talks to Scottie and Brett for hours, how does he know she doesn’t have a deal with one of them? She is annoyed that he would even accuse her of that.

It’s time to pick players for the Veto Comp. Fessy picks first and he picks Angela, Scottie goes second and gets HG Choice and picks Haleigh and Brett picks last and gets Tyler’s chip. After the players are picked, JC goes up to talk to Fessy and Tyler walks in after. He tells Tyler to try for the Veto because he doesn’t want to have to pick a renom. Fessy then pitches a F4 to Tyler and he then welcomes Fessy to them game in his DR.

Zingbot walks in the door and the HGs are going crazy! Zingbot starts off roasting Angela and tells her that she is heartless, emotionless and soulless. He asks Haleigh what you call someone who is blonde, blue eyed and has a crush on Brett…..SCOTTIE! Kaycee is told that she has all the viewers shouting “LET’S GO!” to another channel. He then calls out Brett and tells him that he always seems so fresh and clean which makes sense because he is a giant douche!

He then acts like he is going through the drive-thru and says he wants something super greasy with a face full of zits and says he must want Tyler! He tells Fessy that he was surprised to find out that he is a part time teacher because he is a full time moron and then says “every child left behind.” On to JC, he tells him the only thing thicker than his accent is his back hair! He then calls Haleigh again, tells her she was so good reading Hamlet, but the real Shakespearean tragedy was her HOH reign. He then tells Sam that she likes to tell everyone how real she is and then he says she is real, “real f***** crazy!”

It is time for the POV Comp! This is Hide and Go Veto! The HGs are each given a card to hide in the house and after they have each hidden their cards, they will go back into the house to search for the other player’s cards. The person whose card isn’t found will win the POV Veto. Haleigh hides hers in the ottoman. Fessy hides his behind one of the drawers in the blue bedroom. Brett hides his in a pillow case of one of the HN room pillows. Tyler hides his in a pair of Sam’s pants thinking that no one would go in her pants. Angela puts hers in tin foil and in the bottom of the stove and covers it with coffee grinds. Scottie hides his in the bathroom under the drawers in the vanity.

It is time for the HGs to start looking for the folders! During round one, everyone is looking for folders except for Brett, he is playing defense and is hiding his folder even further by stacking the mattresses on it in the HN room. Scottie also decides to play defense and poor milk all over the floor so no one will get low enough to find his folder. Going through the rounds, the first card to be found was Angela’s and it was found by Tyler. Scottie finds the second folder and it’s Tyler’s. The next person to find a folder is Fessy and it’s Haleigh’s folder. Scottie finds another folder and it’s Fessy’s. Haleigh finds the final folder and it’s Scottie’s. That means that Brett’s folder is the only one inside which means he is the one who wins the POV!

Scottie, Brett and Sam are talking outside and Sam thinks that she can convince Fessy to renom Haleigh and keep Scottie safe. This conversation with Sam and Fessy is just awkward. No one in the house knows that Haleigh and Fessy are in a showmance, but Sam is trying to tell him that Haleigh is looking at him as a tool and when she has the opportunity she is going to send him home. Sam tells him that Haleigh is dead weight. She is pressuring him into pinky promising, but he isn’t doing it. He gives her a hug and then mouths to the camera “what the f***?” They go inside and Scottie makes a pitch to Fessy to send “Kaitlyn 2.0” home because she can’t be trusted.

Come back tomorrow night to find out who the renom is going to be at the POV Meeting and who is going to be evicted from the Big Brother house!

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