Tonight we will start the episode off with the Power of Veto Ceremony, we will go into the Live Eviction where another HG will become the third member of the Big Brother Jury. We will end the episode off with the HOH comp, which will most likely not end on the episode, so make sure you look for our Big Brother spoilers later for the results! In the meantime, keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20!

We started tonight’s episode off with a look at more of the campaigning before the POV Ceremony. Fessy is bothered by Sam and Scottie throwing Haleigh under the bus. She asks him what’s going on and he tells her to talk to Scottie first and when she insists he tell her, he tells her about his conversation with Scottie. How he called her Kaitlyn 2.0 and how Scottie wants Haleigh to be the renom. She is really upset about this and goes downstairs.

Kaycee and Angela are talking about trying to get Sam on the block when Haleigh comes in crying. Kaycee, Angela and Tyler are trying to comfort her. They are all telling her that he is just trying to protect himself and he is willing to throw anyone under the bus to protect himself. After she talks to Angela, Tyler and Kaycee, Haleigh goes to talk to Scottie.

Scottie tells her that she should just disassociate herself with him and she asks him why? He fesses up to her about what he said to Fessy without her even telling him she knew. She went into this conversation acting like she had no idea about this. He tells her that she just needs to let him go and let the house evict him. He apologizes to her, but she tells him that she isn’t mad. He asks her why she is so quick to forgive him and she tells them that they are friends and they have a friendship beyond this game.

Scottie has now decided that he is going to do damage control with Fessy. He tells Fessy that he doesn’t want Haleigh on the block. He admits to Fessy that he has feelings for Haleigh that he has never had for anyone and he doesn’t know how to process it. Fessy tells us that Scottie is just digging himself deeper. Scottie then tells Fessy that he wants Sam on the block next to him and Fessy tells us that he would consider it, but if he does that Scottie might not go. Scottie is his target this week.

It is time for the Veto Ceremony. Brett give Scottie a chance to tell Brett why he should use the Veto on him. Scottie tells the HGs that he isn’t going to waste his time on that, instead he is going to make a pitch to Fessy to put Sam up. He tells them that no one in the house is going to beat Sam in a jury vote and she has been playing everyone in the house. Brett uses the Veto on himself and Fessy tells Scottie that him pitching to put Haleigh up and now Sam sets off red flags. He puts Kaycee up next to Scottie instead.

We watch as Tyler, Brett and Angela are talking about being in a good spot. Brett and Tyler talk about letting Scottie think that he has their votes. We then get a look at the F4 deal that Fessy pitched to Tyler and Angela. Tyler and Angela are playing it off like they are all for it, but they don’t plan on agreeing to this. They are going to use this to help them in the case that Haleigh should win the HOH tonight. Before the live vote we get a look at Tyler and all his F2 deals. He is telling us that he can’t win this next HOH because he has a deal with everyone in the house.

Here Are The Votes:

  • Angela – Scottie
  • JC – Scottie
  • Tyler – Scottie
  • Haleigh – Scottie
  • Sam – Scottie
  • Brett – Scottie

With the first unanimous vote of the season, Scottie has been evicted from the Big Brother house and is the third member of the Jury. Stay tuned for the HOH spoilers coming up as soon as the comp has finished. You can get the details of the comp right here!

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