Tonight we will watch as Scottie rejoins the house and then joins the remaining Big Brother 20 HGs in this week’s HOH comp! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode including who wins HOH and who they nominate for eviction right here! If you don’t want to wait, you can get all the details by reading our Big Brother spoilers!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 off with everyone’s reactions from Scottie returning. Scottie can’t wait to get redemption after being unanimously being evicted last week. Everyone is kind of worried that Scottie is back because he can win comps, Haleigh is happy to see a friendly face. Scottie knows that JC was the one in Fessy’s ear and that is his target if he wins HOH.

Brett and Tyler are talking about how they hope to win HOH this week to keep L6 safe. JC is telling Angela, Tyler and Brett that he is annoyed that there was a Battle Back and that Scottie is in the house. He told us that he worked really hard to get him out and now he’s back and he isn’t happy about it. He is telling them that they need to get him back out of the house this week.

It’s time for the HOH comp and right before the comp, Haleigh and Scottie talk quickly about how they need to win. Scottie tells us that he still has a little crush on Haleigh but the only thing he cares about is the half million dollars. They all head out to the yard and get ready for the comp! In this comp, the HGs will be standing on a small disk attached to a rope and it rotates and spins. There is also a giant pie (as seen in the picture above) that they hit everyone go around. If they fall, they are out and the last HG standing on their disk wins! If you don’t want to wait for the results, you can find out who won this HOH right here!

JC is the first HG to fall off their disk. The HGs are being shot with ketchup and mustard and then feathers started falling all over the place. Sam tells everyone that she is about to be done and tells us she is feeling woozy. She drops moments later. Scottie hits the pie and ends up sitting on the disk which is a no no in this comp, he is out third. Kaycee starts puking while on her disk. Brett hits the pie and falls off fifth.

It is down to Tyler, Kaycee and Haleigh. Kaycee is in a squatting position on her disk when she hits the pie and her feet slip, she’s down sixth. It’s down to Haleigh and Tyler. Haleigh and Tyler are both looking really solid up there. Sam is on the sideline cheering for Tyler and Haleigh tells us that everyone is cheering for him, but no one is cheering for her. That is fueling her fire right now.

Haleigh hits the pie and tells them to hit her a little harder next time, she wants them to give it all they got and next time around, she gets nailed by the pie. She falls and looks like she might be hurt. When Tyler gets down and gets the key from Angela, he goes over to Haleigh and gives her a hug and tells her she crushed it. She tells him that he did better.

When the HGs get back inside, Haleigh is really distraught but Angela, Tyler, Brett and Kaycee are quietly celebrating in the other room. Haleigh, Angela and JC are talking about Sam and her constant cheering for Tyler. She tells us that she is not upset that Sam was cheering for Tyler, she’s upset that she was just cheering against Haleigh. She doesn’t know what she did to Sam to make her dislike her so much.

Up in the HOH, Tyler and Angela are laying in bed talking about JC acting so weird to Angela. While they are talking, they are also holding hands. In his DR session, he tells us that he has F2 deals with everyone in the house except Haleigh, Scottie and Angela, but he is clearly okay with Angela. He tells us that the safest thing for him to do this week is put Haleigh and Scottie up. He then tells us that this game needs to speed up because the more time he spends with Angela, the more distracted he is becoming.

We then get a look at Kaycee and JC. Kaycee is telling him about when she came out to her dad and how accepting he was of it and then how when she had the conversation with her mom, she wasn’t so accepting of it. JC tells her that her relationship with her mom will get better. Kaycee is crying in the DR telling us that she wishes her mom was more understanding, but she knows that her mom is proud of her.

Tyler is talking to Haleigh and he is trying to make her feel like she isn’t the target this week. He then has Scottie in the HOH and he is telling Scottie pretty much the same thing. He is telling Scottie that Haleigh is the only one in that house that has put him up on the block. He then asks Scottie if he wants Haleigh gone after last week with Fessy and Scottie tells him to go for it.

JC is telling Brett that they need to split up Angela and Kaycee. Brett then goes up to tell Tyler all this and then when JC comes upstairs he starts throwing Brett’s name out there. Tyler is telling us that JC’s paranoia might be the reason he needs to get JC out.

It is time for the nomination ceremony. Tyler has chosen Haleigh and Scottie this week. He tells Haleigh that she put him up as the Hacker, cancelled his vote and called a house meeting which resulted in him being yelled at by Bayleigh and he tells Scottie that he has already been voted out once and this is the safest move for him. Don’t want to wait to find out who wins the POV this week? Find out right here!

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