Tonight we will get to see how the Power of Veto competition played out on Big Brother 20. Players will be picked and the winner will be crowned and then we will find out if the POV will be used at the Veto Ceremony. Keep reading to get all the details of this week’s Power of Veto competition on Big Brother 2018 below!

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We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 off with the HGs hanging out trying to find out who has the Power App from the BB App Store. Faysal tells the HGs that he got the Crap App and is trying to laugh it off. The rest of the house is trying to figure out who has the Power App.

Up in the HOH, Tyler and Sam are talking and he tells her that he needs her to stay. She tells him that she has the Power App and the only thing she tells him is that even after eviction. She does tell him that it’s not a guarantee though. She doesn’t tell him any more information and tells him it’s because she doesn’t want him to have to keep that secret for her.

We then see a conversation between Tyler and Swaggy where they discuss what happens if someone uses the Veto this week. Swaggy tells him that Angela should be his target if someone comes down, but what Swaggy doesn’t know is that Angela is in his alliance. Tyler tells him that Bayleigh is his best renom choice.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rings and there is an announcement that there is a Hamazon delivery. The first delivery for Faysal’s Crap App. He does tell us that because it’s against his religion to eat pork, Big Brother has made these deliveries of vegan ham for Faysal. The first delivery is really big and takes him a long time to eat it and by the time he finishes it, the bell rings again with another delivery.

Swaggy goes to tell Bayleigh about his conversation with Tyler and how she is his renom choice and she is clearly upset. She walks away from the conversation soon after he breaks the news to her. Later they talk a little more about it and he tells her that if she goes up, she will be safe. She is clearly upset and Swaggy asks her if they should distance themselves from each other to save their game and she gets even more upset.

Later she goes up to talk to Tyler and she has a meltdown. Tyler tells her that he would only put her up as a pawn and she would not be his target. He tells her that Bayleigh is the safest bet to stay if she goes up against Sam. Bayleigh asks him why Angela isn’t the target and he tells her because everyone thinks she has the power. He can’t risk his game if she has some kind of power that can screw his game up. Bayleigh is not happy regardless of his excuse.

It is time for the Veto Players to be picked. The first one to pick is Tyler, he gets HG Choice and chooses Swaggy. Sam picks next and she gets Scottie, Steve picks last and gets HG Choice and chooses Faysal. Before the Veto starts, they discuss what will happen if the veto is used. Tyler tells Steve no matter who Sam ends up against, she will go home this week, even though we know he wants her to stay and Steve to go.

It is time for the POV Comp, it’s called Going Viral. This comp will be played in rounds, the worse player in each round will be eliminated. The first round they have to find “like idols” in a pit of snakes. It is a box with real live snakes and Tyler and Scottie are not happy at all about this. The HGs are all sticking their hands in this pit of snakes and retrieving the idols. The first HG to get three is Sam, then Brett, then Faysal the other three are not trying to put their hands in this tank. Swaggy has one idol, but Scottie has none. Tyler gets his three right before the timer goes off. Scottie is eliminated.

In the second round, the HGs have to jump into a tank of freezing water to get like idols. They have to get 10 to finish the round. The first one to 10 is Faysal, then Tyler, then Steve and finally Sam. Swaggy is eliminated. The third round has the HGs balancing on posts while being pelted with paintballs. When told to, they have to move to another post. Steve falls off his third post and is eliminated.

The fourth round has the HGs wearing shockers on their arms and legs. They will be balancing balls and transporting them to the other side of the stage. Sam is ready for this one. Faysal is moving pretty quickly for this comp, but they are all getting shocked pretty bad. Faysal and Tyler are able to get their 10 balls in before Sam could.

After Sam is eliminated, Tyler and Faysal have a quiet conversation about Faysal and his plans if he wins. He tells Tyler he would keep the noms the same and swears to it, but tells us he doesn’t know what he would do. The final round has them tasting drinks and trying to match them with the three they are given. Tyler is throwing the comp to him, but making it look like he is at least trying. Faysal wins the POV.

We end the episode off with the Veto Ceremony. During the Veto Ceremony, Faysal gets a Hamazon Delivery, he eats it and then continues. He tells the nominees that he has decided not to use the POV. The final noms for the week are Sam and Steve. Come back tomorrow to find out which of them gets evicted! Will Sam have to use her power? Or will she be able to rally enough votes together? Find out tomorrow night right here!

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