Tonight is the night! It is Big Brother 20 premiere night! I am so excited to get this season started and to be able to spend it with all of you! Tonight on Big Brother 2018 we will watch as the 16 HGs walk into the Big Brother 20 house and get the summer started! Are you ready for this season of Big Brother 20?

Big Brother 20 Preview Premiere - Tech Reboot!

Tonight’s episode will be full of surprises as the HGs get to know each other and kick off the season in a series of competitions. Keep reading to get those details and check out the preview of tonight’s Big Brother 20 premiere!

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 will consist of us watching the HGs enter the house and then they will be thrown right into a series of comps. The winner will get a power and the two on the bottom will each get an unprecedented punishment! What could the power be? How will the two in the bottom be punished? We will have to wait to get all that information.

We have gotten some unconfirmed, yet reliable information about what’s been going on in the house so far this week. We have reports of who the HOH is and who that person put up for nominations. If you want to know who the HOH is or who they put up for their nominations, you can get that information with our Big Brother spoilers!

With Big Brother 20 premiering tonight and tomorrow night, that means that the Big Brother live feeds will be going live tomorrow night after the show airs on the west coast! If you haven’t signed up with your CBS All Access subscription, you can do so right here and not only receive your free one week trial, but you will also be supporting our site!

Make sure you come back later tonight for my live recap of Big Brother 20 and get all the details of tonight’s premiere! You can also feel free to join in the conversation in the comments below or on social media! In the meantime, check out the preview for tonight’s episode of Big Brother!

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