Things in the Big Brother house aren’t always rainbows and butterflies and Kaitlyn is learning that the hard way as this week’s HOH. She has a plan, but in order to pull it off, there is one HG in particular that can’t play in the POV. If you missed all the details of Kaitlyn’s plan, check out my Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up!

Kaitlyn has told two versions of her plan this week because she is playing both sides of the house, but which version is true? Is Kaitlyn really trying to BD someone in the house, or is she planning on getting rid of one of the two current nominees? Did her BD option get picked to play in the POV? Find out below!

Feeds went down for the Power of Veto players to be picked and we all found ourselves wondering if Kaitlyn’s plan to BD Swaggy would be possible. Best case scenario, Swaggy didn’t get picked for POV or the worse case scenario, he got picked but will lose later today. Which one are we hoping for?

Players Picked to Play in the POV Comp are:

  • Kaitlyn – HOH
  • Scottie & Winston – Nominees
  • Faysal, Tyler and Rachel – Picked to Play
  • Rockstar is hosting

It is clear that if Faysal wins it, he will not be using it because of the chance that Swaggy would be put up as a renom. If Tyler or Rachel win and we can expect them to take Winston down. There were some talks in the HOH room between Kaitlyn, Bayleigh, Scottie and Rockstar about how if Rachel does win it, she probably shouldn’t use it because then Angela will be mad at her. This is because Kaitlyn told them that Angela was her BD option, but to Tyler and L6, Swaggy is. It could be an interesting week.

There is a good chance that this POV will be played tonight because of the heat going through California, but we will see. When the POV happens and we have results, you will be the first to know!

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