We are just one week away from the premiere of Big Brother 20 and we have met the HGs and we have seen the house. We knew there was going to be some kind of social media twist this season, but we didn’t know what that entailed. We have some information on that below! Keep reading to find out what the twist for BB20 will be!

This season is all about technology and innovative spaces. In every room of the Big Brother 20 house, there is something that can be played with. So how does this play into this season’s twist? Keep reading to find out! 

This season of Big Brother 20 starts with a two-night, three-hour premiere starting on Wednesday at 9/7c. We will watch as the HGs move in, but before they can get too comfortable, they will be taking part in their first comp that will consist of three challenges. These challenges will give a game-changing power and two “unprecedented” punishments according to CBS.

This is all before the BB App Store twist is revealed to the HGs on Sunday night. This twist will give America a chance to control the game a little bit. Like last season with the Den of Temptation, this season we will be able to give HGs some kind of power or punishment. Who will get these powers or punishments? The HG that is trending on social media.

Are you excited for the new season of Big Brother? I know I am! What are you most excited to see? Do you have any favorite pre-season favorites? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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