Big Brother 2009 should start up in about 6 weeks (early July) so things are startling to bubble on the surface of BB. First up is the news that casting has been completed and all finalists were notified for the 2009 season. So if you applied you’d know by now if you were still in the running.

Next we’ve got the very first commercial for Big Brother 2009 which looks to be using mostly footage from the past two seasons and does little to provide more information on actual start dates and themes for this year. Check that out below.

Lastly, for fans of Big Brother’s “House Calls” you’ll be disappointed to know that it appears to have been canceled unless a new sponsor steps in to save it, according to its host Gretchen Massey:

Subject: House Calls Canceled!
Body: Just wanted everyone to know, there’s no more House Calls! They couldn’t find a sponsor and have decided not to go forward with it during this season of Big Brother.

Anyone out there going to miss House Calls? Hopefully the first BB2009 commercial will cheer you up:

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