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Update!! New Big Brother 2010 Photo!  First Photo of the HG’s in the house and by the pool!  Please share your thoughts on this new photo!

HG's First Photo's in the House-courtesy of http://twitpic.com/22hfev

Does their placement mean anything?

Are they just thrown in there, to pick and choose their own place or do the photographers place them?  Let’s pick this picture apart, shall we??

If they pick their own places, this could be pretty telling, because…….

1.)   I see what could possibly be  two Diva’s– Kathy and Ragan– on the only floats.

2.)  Britney is laid out in Brendan’s arms, but Enzo is rubbing on her leg, as well?

3.)  It looks as if Rachel  tried to squeeze into that little grouping, but she sure doesn’t look comfortable.

4.)  Annie, Matt and Monet seem loose and chummy,

5.)  While the group of Lane, Kristen and Hayden look fairly stiff- (ah..no pun intended- besides, I think the water must be cold- if you notice, hardly anyone is touching it).

6.)  Then, we have Andrew , who is completely apart from all the  the others.  Is that a coincidence? Is it a Clue??

Dang you!  Big Brother!!

Also….. What are those balls in the corner, which look like giant cat toys???? Maybe a Have and Have Not Comp?

p.s. Who else thinks Annie looks like Lisa Kudrow, (Phoebe on  Friends)?

It is only three days until the Big Brother 2010 Premiere. The HG’s are already in the house, and causing who knows what kind of mischief. It just kills me that we can’t watch until premiere night.

This site will be dedicated to Truth. And to see the Real, Live Truth with your very own eyes, you gotta have those Live  Feeds! I tell ya, some insane stuff happens in that house, and you will want to  witness if for yourself. And I can’t wait to talk with all of you True BB Fans.

Apparently, Kathy is an early favorite. I think she is definitely someone to watch.. What do you think?

Entering the House!

courtesy of Bigbrothernetwork.com

Andrew was first in the house, followed by Annie, Kathy, and the others.

There are only three days left to get the Big Discount and Free Three day Trial on the Live Feeds. I have seen comments about watching on CBS.com, but here’s the thing.  They will show you replays of the CBS show, sure. But folks, that stuff is edited up the ying-yang.

On the televised show, just as in anything on TV, they show you what they WANT you to see. The most glaring evidence that I can remember of the way in which CBS skews the show, is when they showed Jerry from Season 10 as being a sweet, little old grandpappy. Anyone remember that? We voted for him to win the America’s Choice, phone call from home, because most of America thought he was just a darling old thing. Not!

All of us who watch the Live Feeds, knew the truth. I don’t regret him getting the call from home, Bless his Heart. (We Southern Women use the term “Bless Your Heart” when we want to insult someone without seeming to insult them. As in.. “Honey, I can see all the cottage cheese on your legs in those pants, Bless your heart. Or, Nancy’s baby is not going to win any beauty contests, Bless it’s Heart.) It is a very useful tool. Try it, works every time.

Sign up here for the Free 3-Day Trial! It will blow your mind! There are four (quad) cameras going on at all times, with four different views, so you can pick and choose what you want to watch, plus… there is a feature called “Flashback” so if you miss something juicy, you can just rewind and Voila!

Stay with us… and learn the Truth and become….The Invisible Houseguest.

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