It finally happened! The Big Brother 2010 premiere finally happened!!

This will be a quick synopsis of the CBS show, but tune in the early am for updates on what is Really happening in the house. With the Superpass 24/7 Live Feeds, I’ll be able to tell you the deep, dark secrets that are already in play. The HG’s have been in the house for three days. No telling what kind of nutso crazy stuff has already gone on.

1.)  Love the colors, Blues and peach/pink, of the front door.

2.)  Julie looks pretty as usual in her red suit, and seems to have lost all the baby weight.

3.) 52 Cameras and 95 microphones can record an awful lot of drama and debauchery.

The HG’s line up and enter the house:

HG's at the front door

Group 1: Britney,Ragan, Brendan, Rachel.  Group 2: Lane, Annie, Enzo, Kathy, Andrew. Group 3:  Monet, Hayden, Kristen and Matt.  We don’t know who got which beds, yet, but looks like the last group did not have beds.

Next comes intros- No surprises here. Everyone held back, as they said they would, and we all know that these introductions don’t mean diddly..

Then we have the BIG NEWS!  The Saboteur Announcement!  The paranoia level went through the roof, with everyone eyeballing everyone else. Kathy puts her cop eye on Brendan for laughing and mocking.

Now to the HOORAY!! First HOH Comp!

The first shocker was Andrew immediately offering to sit out the comp. I think if he is the saboteur, it would be a real bonehead move, so…

The comp was a true blue, elaborate BB comp. Split into two teams, with Andrew in a classic, dorky BB Hotdog costume- oh.. and he is also Safe from Eviction:

Yellow: Enzo, Ragan, Kathy, Brendan, Rachel, Annie.      Red: Matt, Kristen, Lane, Hayden, Monet, Britney.

The HG’s had to jump up on slippery weiners (let the double entendres abound), and hang on while the other team members pull them across.  BB- ever the trickster, offers $10,000 to the first person across on the winning team, and the LAST person on the winning team wins HOH.

Annie(yellow) showed her skills by being the very first person across and in contention for the 10 grand. (kinda digging her- she seems cool)

Monet(Red) was the first on her team for the $$$.

After  slips, and strategizing, the Red team had a loss. Britney fell, hurting her knee enough to be pulled from the competition. She was replaced with Kristen, who sailed right back over, giving the red team a big lead, which the yellow team (thanks to Kathy’s inability to hang on) could not recover.

MAtt and Hayden cut a deal right at the end, for Hayden to win HOH, and would keep Matt safe.

The yellow team claimed nervousness at Hayden’s choices, but we all know the first comp means very little. It will be what we see in the next few days on the Live Feeds, that will really tell the tale.

Last but not least, we learned that We- America- Would have a large input into what dastardly deeds the Saboteur will pull. He/She did pull their first one last night, by turning out the lights (with a little BB help?) and padlocking the storeroom, causing everyone to be on slop.

Now, obviously, Andrew and Brendan cast suspicion on themselves with their absence in the living room, and their antics afterward.  Why, oh Why, though, would the saboteur do Anything to draw attention to themselves?

Ragan wonders at Brendan's actions

That’s it for this show..  You saw it, too.. What are your thoughts? Who is your first guess for Saboteur?  Who will Hayden nominate?

If you find it torturous to wait for the show, get the 24/7 Live Feeds to get real time, uncensored info on what is happening in the house!

And STAY TUNED!  I will be up giving you all the scoop before the first cock… crows!

Thanks, ya’ll!!

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