Let’s talk about the Big Brother 2011 America’s Vote!

This is a big deal, folks.. This will–unlike the Have-Not Vote– have a direct and MAJOR impact on the rest of this season. So, depending on which side you favor.. Be careful who you vote for.

Let’s look at who the evictees are, which side they’re likely to fall on, and what they bring to the table..  Then think CAREFULLY about who you give your vote to.

BTW- you do NOT have to Text, which costs a buck a pop. You can login here to  CBS.COM and place your vote for free!


Come on… Not even gonna waste the ink.(or rather the keystrokes). Threat Level: F


A sweet kid. And if you’re a hard-core Dani fan, he’s your guy.  But he went out disgusted with the newbies and regretting he didn’t play with the Vets. Does he blame Dani for his early demise? Tough to tell. He told her he didn’t. But a couple of weeks in seclusion leaves a lot of room for regrets. He’s athletic and charismatic.  Threat Level: B


A Fan Favorite. The only HG who seriously tried to rally the Newbies. Now,  will almost surely team back up with Shelly + Jeff and Jordan. PLUS how can you resist the chance to re-ignite the fireworks between her and Rachel AND her and Dani..oh, and her and Porshe.. Bonus-She ain’t hard to look at, either. Threat Level: B+


OK- What do we gain with Brendon’s return?  I’m not saying it wouldn’t be AWESOME to see the look on Daniele’s face, and I know a lot of you out there will vote for him just to stick it to her..  Please Hear Me Out!  I DO NOT think that will happen.. The producers of Big Brother are some twisted individuals.  What could be better than to see the two love-birds unwittingly battling it out against each other? Brendon is smarter than that, ya’ll.                                                    

Let’s say he wins the popular vote. One of three things will happen. A) He’ll face Rachel, in which case he’ll immediately throw the comp. B.) He’ll face Lawon, and most likely beat him. C.) He will go into a blind competition–where the two competitors don’t know who they’re competing against. If this happens…Brendon will throw the comp. No WAY will he try to win if there’s even a remote chance that Rachel is on the other side of the fence. After the two got burnt last season when Rachel returned for 24 hrs- to find Brendon on vacation for 24 hrs–Brendon will never risk it.  He will LOSE ON PURPOSE, if there is ANY chance that Rachel MIGHT be the other competitor..Threat Level: C-

So– why vote for him??????  He never wanted to come back this season and is quite content to go back to school. Leave the man be… It’s a wasted vote. If you don’t believe me, go to FLASHBACK on the Big Brother Live FEEDS and see what all Brendon told Rachel the night before he left.  August 3 after midnight.  OH! And have you forgotten that they tried to cut a last minute deal with Dani that did NOT include their allies, JeJo and Shelly.

The question you should ask yourself is this—Which side am I on?

If you want someone who will team up with Dani to fight against Jeff and Jordan, then Dominic is the obvious choice.

If you prefer a Houseguest that will truly stick it to Dani, and team up with JeJo and Shelly, Cassi’s your gal.

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