Well even after declaring she wouldn’t… Rachel opened Pandora’s Box and…….. (are you scared?)

You SHOULD be- Cause she messed up REALLY bad!

She had to spend an HOUR in Pandora’s box with none other than Mr Pectacular himself– Jessie, garnering “Jessie” dinner plates and hair gel.  The rest of the HG’s got to play a Luxury-clothes comp, while hanging out with…yep, we called it.. Adam’s lady love, Tori Spelling.

Pandora’s card said.. What’s better than a shopping spree? A shopping spree with a celebrity! And on the screen she saw Tori waving.. and knew how much it’d mean to Adam.




Oooo! We’re getting there!! We finally have the Big Brother 2011 Final Five, yet I don’t think it’s the F5 any of us would have expected.

Though last night’s outcome should’ve been no big surprise to anyone. Rachel dominates at physical comps, though surprisingly, Jordan and Adam were a fairly close second. FLASHBACK to Rachel’s HOH Room 9:33pm BBT.

After the comp last night, Porshe told Adam that Kalia had voted to keep him. Then, a few moments later, Kalia apologized to Adam for voting to evict him…. Ooopsie! Afterward, Porshe told Kalia what she’d said to Adam and Kalia was like..”Umm… but I didn’t, cause Rachel told me they were keeping Shelly.” Porshe: “Oh. That’s Bad.” FLASHBACK 7:45pm BBT

It didn’t take long for the bus-throwing to begin. By the time the crickets quit chirping, Kalia was up in HOH selling out her BFF, telling Rachel she wanted to work with her for F2–claiming that she’d never made any F2 deals that she didn’t mean. This, while Rachel knows she made a bogus F2 deal with Adam. Kalia’s obsequious begging is almost sad. She was teary-eyed saying how much she doesn’t want to go home, to someone who just woke up last week. Meanwhile, downstairs, Porshe snarled to Adam, “Kalia is already upstairs..Shocker.”

Jordan was thrilled for Rachel , though she felt bad that she didn’t win. She said she wanted to win to prove to Rachel she was a worthy partner, and that she hated that Jeff carried her and now, Rachel is carrying her.

Even with all of Kalia’s begging, I would be utterly shocked if we don’t see the Newbie Duo on the block today. However, good ole Pandora is lurking in the background. She burned Rachel and Brendon last season, so it’ll be a tough decision to make. Last night on Twitter, Allison Grodner tweeted that if Pandora is opened, it’ll make one HG VERY happy. With Julie’s remarks about a celebrity visit… Could Tori Spelling be crouching in P’s box? Hmmm.

This week should be VERY interesting, as Kalia and Porshe fight for VETO, their spot in F4, and their Big Brother 2011 lives.

The LIVE FEEDS ought to be really interesting, when Rachel makes her nominations today, and Kalia and Porshe start chunking each other. Give the FREE TRIAL a shot, and see the results of tomorrow’s VETO.

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