Wow. That was my first impression of the premiere of Big Brother 2011. Simply… wow. SPOILER ALERT!

UPDATE! OK- Here’s what we have gathered.  Evel Dick has left the house for personal reasons. They did not tell the HG’s why– not even Dani, except to say it was not her mom or brother. THEN there was apparently a big confrontation with Keith throwing his partner Porshe under the bus, claiming the Dick leaving is a Twist, and that after the POV he had a big “bombshell” to drop.

Something happened during that time, as well, that freaked Brenchel out so much–they started packing their bags to leave.  Jeff talked them off the ledge, however and they will stay to compete. The latest is that Jeff and Jordan and Brenchel believe they can get Shelly and Cassi on their side– and they are considering taking out Keith- as a troublemaker-instead of the original Porshe.

Dani received a Golden Key– due to losing her partner. That means she is safe from the block for the next four weeks– but she also cannot compete in any HOH comps..

That’s what we know right now- but STAY TUNED as we update all day.. Whew!! HUGE DAY in the Big Brother 2011 House.. And hi.. it’s the FIRST FREAKIN’ DAY!! Still having doubts about getting those feeds???????????



Not one, not two, but THREE major twists. The Duos we already (kinda) figured out. But what about the Golden Key Twist??  Later we’ll talk about all the implications of that twist.. But the BIG news right now is….

Where in the heck is Evel Dick??? 

When the Live Feeds came available, we learned that Dick was missing-having gone into the DR (Diary Room) and has not been seen since. As of 5 am– we have Trivia on the Live Feeds- leading us to believe that HUGE events are happening in the house. Is it a late-night POV comp? Has Dick gone mental? No one knows.. But rest assured.  When WE know.. YOU’LL know, so STAY TUNED!

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The pairing of the couples came out like this, after the big reveal of the Dynamic Duos. (and yay-how happy are you that we were right about who the couples would be? I couldn’t quit smiling, just watching Jeff and Jordan back in the house.)

Dick and Danielle— Dani looked none to happy to be partnered with her Dad. And btw- it IS true. The two have not spoken since 2008 prior to coming to the house. Though they did manage to stick together long enough to cut a deal with Rachel and Brendan. They agreed to drop and give Rachel HOH in return for immunity from nomination.

Brenchel— And like her or hate her–Rachel’s got game– The girl can mount a banana..

Jeff and Jordan–America’s sweetheart couple, adorable as ever.

Cassi and Shelly– my favorite early newbie couple.

Adam and Dominic– Dom was pretty skeeved out, but could hardly refuse him openly.

Lawon and Kalia– again… she was skeeved.

Keith and Porshe– uh… dur…

We are scrambling as the Big Brother 2011 LIVE FEEDS came available to decipher what’s happening in the house.  There are several things we know..

Keith and Porshe are the first couple nominated. (I could live with losing either of them,) But the BIG mystery is—-

Where is Evel Dick??? Dani got pretty upset, banging on the DR door, but seemed to get over it pretty quickly.

The HAVE-NOT room--Mental Hospital-Chic

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**Hate to mention this—cause I like her.. But at 1:35 BBT- Cassi blurted out the F-g–t word…  Shame, such a shame.. Jeff and Jordan were there, and Jeff told her– “Oh Boy, don’t use that word.”  Remember?? Jeff had his own issues when that word slipped out in his season. Sure hope Cassi learned her lesson..



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