You know how much we hate Big Brother 2011 gossip.

OK, you got me…..We LOVE gossip here,  so we’re gonna share what we’ve HEARD…

According to sources (unconfirmed, but so much of it, we thought you’d wanna know..)

Looks like Kalia got the boot last night in a tie-breaker. No news there, so on to the next tidbit…

By all indications, it appears that Adam won HOH. *throws confetti*

Now, the most likely scenario, is that the HG’s played the POV last night, as well. The inevitable “mash-up” POV is always played at night. To get it into the Wed. night show, and get us back on schedule (and to get the Feeds up and running afterward-please, PLEASE) it’s probably a done deal. So, hopefully we’ll learn tonight who won that as well.

I’m crossing fingers and toes that Rach won that one, are you?

That’s all folks, for the Big Brother 2011 Gossip train. See ya after the show tonight!!

PS- Also looks like we’re gonna see a fiery exchange between Jeff and Shelly at the JH! Woohoo! Can’t wait for that AND for the LIVE FEEDS after the Thursday show to see who wins the Part 1 on the F3 Endurance Comp!!


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