It’s only THREE Days until the Big Brother 2011 Premiere and we’re all on pins and needles waiting.

Big Brother 2011 Houseguests

The first HOH has already happened, (yeah, that’s right. Could you just scream?) and one of the eight HG’s are sleeping in the big, round bed.

We don’t know them, yet. And I’ll admit, that first impressions can be extremely misleading. But, as Big Brother fans, you guys are astute. You’re smart cookies. You at least have a gut reaction to one Big Brother 2011 Houseguest or another.

So.. Based on your initial first reaction to the HG Video Interviews on my earlier post. Who is your gut-instinct favorite?

NOW for the BIG news!! The BIG Big Brother 2011 Trivia Contest!
(And I apologize for this being a little late)
LOTS of you answered the questions correctly,(YAY) and I am as proud as a mother hen. You guys ROCK! You know your Big Brother and that makes me SO excited about how cool it’s gonna be to hang out on Chat, Comments and Facebook with you BB experts this season!

The winner of the Big Big Brother 2011 Trivia Contest IS——-JILL ROBERTS!
Since so many of you got the answers right, I wrote your names, cut them up, and had my son draw them out of an old Halloween Pumpkin. 🙂
Jill- please respond on comments and I’ll get your info!

We are going to have the BEST time this season, and if you haven’t already– Give the FREE TRIAL of the LIVE FEEDS a shot. I’ll just be honest, here.. They are freakin’ cool as hell– If you’ve never tried them.. Trust me– just trust me and try out them out for FREE here. Your Big Brother experience will never be the same.

AND of course.. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to everyone!

And a special God bless to all the families of our troops out there who are taking care of the home fires while their brave soldiers are keeping us safe! We’ll try to help keep you entertained.

1.) In Season 7- Big Brother All-Stars, who was the first POV winner? JANELLE
2.) In Season 9- One of the “Power couples” was evicted. On their way out, a bell rang– stopping the eviction. Who did the Houseguests vote to KEEP? RYAN
3.) Who won the Season 11 HOH Competition, “The S’more the Merrier?” KEVIN
4.) Who was the winner of the final Season 3 POV? MARCELLAS-aka the worst BB move EVER.
5.) In Season 10- who told Dan he was a “disgrace to their religion?” APRIL
6.) In the Season 9 HOH competition “Glass Houses” who willingly gave the contest to another HG, and was subsequently betrayed? NATALIE
7.) In Season 8- what catchphrase did Eric have to use three times in order to complete his America’s Player’s task? I’D DO THAT FOR A DOLLAR
8.) What is the current BB name for a plan, which originated with Season 5′s Nakomis’ 5-finger plan? BACKDOOR OR BACKDOORING
9.) In Big Brother 6- who was the originator of the “Sovereign Six?” KAYSAR
10.) What special power from Pandora’s Box was awarded to Matt in Season 12? DIAMOND POV
BONUS: What TV actor visited the HG’s in the BB house during Big Brother All-Stars Season 7? Mr. Hipness, himself… NEIL PATRICK HARRIS


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