There’s been a lot of grumbling  that Big Brother 2011 is “the worst season ever.”

Based on what’s happened so far.. I’m inclined to agree.. Lookit, I’m not gonna blow smoke up your collective butts,  things could be more exciting. And I think they will be.. Very soon.

Because within the next week or two, we are going to see the end (thank God) of the couple alliance. Once it’s every man for himself, this season’s gonna turn ugly.

It's not what you think. In this pic- Rachel is punching Brendon in the stomach. They were fighting...again...Surprised? Yeah, me too.



yes- but will she return in yet another twist???

In the Big Brother 2011 Week Two Eviction– (hi.. did you notice I said week TWO? Do you realize we’ve JUST gotten started? Now, remember. Big Brother has done this for a looong time. Trust me…they are aware of the fans reaction to the current situation. They have something up their producer sleeves. don’t worry about that.)–Tonight we will almost certainly see Cassi go. Cassi’s downfall was her inability to hide her animosity toward Rache, and it was premature. Brenchel was too strong, and unfortunately–once Dom won the POV– Jeff and Jordan listened to their “partners” and put Cass and Shelly up-with the intention of ousting Cassi.


I think this could be a fatal mistake on Jejo’s part. Cassi could’ve been a good ally for them once Brenchel turns on them. Why Kalia and Lawon continue to stay under the radar is beyond me.  Haven’t they seen people like this make it to the end before? Uh.. Kevin???

In any case- everything.. absolutely everything relies on tonight’s HOH.  If Jeff doesn’t win HOH, I think his days are numbered. Almost everyone is afraid of Brenchel, in a way they aren’t of Jeff and Jordan..  Dani can’t play for HOH. But she might as well be playing. If Don wins, he’ll put up whoever she tells him to.. And though she’s mentioned Kalia and Lawon, I believe she’d use his HOH to get rid of someone on the couple alliance, while keeping her own hands clean.


We’ve predicted that Brenchel and JeJo will turn on each other, gathering followers to their side, as it happens. The cracks in the alliance began showing early on- but as long as the “couples” thing is going on, both duos know it’s safer to stay together.  But each of the Vet duos have discussed turning on the other, so it’s just a matter of time.  When that happens, we are in for a VERY different show.

The key, of course, to which couple will survive for any amount of time relies on two things. A) Winning HOH’s. B) Who’s on their side. OH! And C) which side Dani falls on.

Dani’s position couldn’t be stronger. She’s got Dominic trussed up like a Christmas ham. He’ll do anything she says. Sign up for the LIVE FEEDS– and watch the fallout from the HOH comp for yourself. It’s bound to be in-SANE!

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